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i made it through dame shirley bassey singing "gold finger" which i thought was a fitting moment to end and spectacular. >> it with you a show stopper for sure. i made it through 15, 16 minutes of the monologue. >> it was long, right? >> it was long. keep getting a little bit of mixed reviews. a thankless task. >> it is a hard, hard job. people talking about the winners, of course, and as savannah mentioned about seth macfarlane's performance as the first-time host, something he actually joked about for a large portion of his opening monologue. >> al and meredith are continuing their sunday night right into monday morning. they've got oscar coverage out in los angeles. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning to you. you guys got to get sleep. we stayed up all night, at least one of us did. >> that's right. we wanted to bring you everything you needed to know. all the fashions, the hits, the misses and we're going to take you to the hottest parties after the oscars. it was a great night. we had a lot of fun. >> as you mentioned it started
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with the 17-minute mon low log and music and dancing and, of course, the awards. and the oscar goes to -- argo. >> in a surprise appearance from the white house, first lady michelle obama announced the winner for best picture. ben affleck, not nominated for best director, expressed his gratitude for this win. >> it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life, because that's going to happen, all that matters is you to get up. i love you. >> in the best actress category, a bit of a stumble. >> you guys are standing up because you feel bad that i fell. that's really embarrassing. thank you. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence winning for her role in "silver linings playbook," later celebrating with her family at the governor's ball. >> and the oscar goes to daniel
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day-lewis. >> three-time oscar winner meryl streep presented the award to daniel day lewis for his role in "lincoln." >> i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> in the directing category, ang lee won for "life of pi." >> thank you, movie god. thank you. >> for "django unchained", christoph waltz won for best supporting actor. while quentin tare ren tino won for screenplay. for best supporting actress, the oscar went to anne hathaway. >> it came true. >> music was another of last night's big winners with a performance from the cast of "les miserables." ♪ memories >> a moving mem morium to marvin hamlisch from barbra streisand. and adele singing "skyfall" which went on to win best original song. >> thank you.
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this is amazing. >> first time host seth macfarlane mixed humor. >> and the quest to make tommy lee jones laugh begins now. ♪ be our guest >> hollywood song and dance, for a big welcome. as the credits ran, the night ended with kristen chenoweth and the tribute to the evening's losers. >> no matter what the critics say about seth macfarlane, he decided days ago this will be one and only time he took on this job. >> that's right. one and done. smart guy. >> back to you guys. >> we learned a lot. i wasn't all that familiar with him, mary dits and al, but this guy is a true triple threat, sings, dances, can tell jokes. i was very impressed by him. >> yeah. he's got a very well-received album of standards out. i mean he's a big band, sinatra. he's amazing. >> if you ask any kid they know about him for sure.
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>> absolutely. >> i thought he did a very good job. >> meanwhile, do you realize you are standing next to a super star? you're in very good company this morning. >> yeah. >> no, it's al. >> please. >> why? >> because jennifer lawrence, when she hit the red carpet she was asked who was the person she was most looking forward to seeing, here's what she said. >> i want to see al roker. >> al roker? >> i used to watch him every day before school. >> all the people you could possibly say, al roker? >> means something to me personally. >> what does he mean to you? >> i love al roker. >> other than what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> actors are great, but i love al roker. >> i can be al roker. >> here comes the weather. >> hey, jennifer, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> hey. >> okay. >> and the oscar for luckiest guy goes to -- >> go al. >> geez. i'm telling you. i got it meet her at the golden globes. she wasn't feeling well. but, you know, seems like a lovely young lady and somehow,
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mr. morgan very upset. this is a guy whose name begins where a ship comes in to. >> oh. >> what's the problem? he needs to -- >> of all the people -- >> i can see why they've got that petition to get him out of here. >> al, you're definitely the "it" guy out there. we'll have more on the oscars in a bit. we're following other big stories out of the vatican this morning, including the pope's decision to change some rules used to select his replacement. let's get to anne thompson. >> good morning. there's lots of breaking news here. first of all the pope has given the cardinals permission to move up the start date of conclave, which will choose his successor. secondly, a cardinal who's been in the headlines for the last 24 hours for all the wrong reasons, he decides to resign and says he's not coming to the conclave. all of this is happening while the faithful celebrate the end of benedict's papacy, while scandal and intrigue engulf some
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of the men who will choose the next pope. even in his final days as pope, scandal continues to dog benedict's papacy and the church. italian newspapers headline rumors of blackmail and conspiracy that the vatican vehemently denies. american cardinal roger mahony has ignored calls to stay home from a conclthat chooses the next pope because of his role protecting abusive priests. scottish cardinal keith o'brien, who commented on mahony's situation last week. >> someone has erred and we have anoth another. >> reporter: today cardinal o'brien resigned after being accused by three priests and former priest of inappropriate behavior going back to the 1980s. ugly headlines that one vatican watcher says will shape the deliberations of the conclave. >> some of this is politics, but other parts of it are the long delayed, reckoning with problems that require facing and correcting in the church. >> reporter: the scandals have
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left many of the faithful weary. >> i'm a true believer and i hope that catholics will get a better name these days. >> reporter: despite the controversy, st. peter's square still felt like a well-behaved mosh pit. during pope benedict's final sunday blessing. 100,000 people came to say thank you to the 85-year-old pontiff, speaking from his window for the last time. the pope said he is not abandoning the church, but following god's call to more prayer and meditation. now also this morning, the pope met with the three cardinals who prepared the secret dossier that's been talked about so much here, regarding the vati-leaks incident. and the pope said that only he has read that report and he will share it with the next pope. savannah? >> all right. anne thompson at the vatican for us this morning. i will be live at the vatican wednesday and thursday for the pope's final public audience and last day as the leader of the church. matt?
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>> savannah, thanks. there are new calls for improved safety at nascar events this morning, after that dramatic crash over the weekend. an accident that cast a big shadow over sunday's daytona 500. nbc's janet sham lee ann is in daytona beach. janet, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. yeah, this was a horrible crash that happened during a nascar race on saturday. more than two dozen people were hurt and these weren't drivers. they were fans hit by flying debris while sitting in the grandstand. a weekend of history and tragedy at the daytona 500. >> starting on the pole, danica patrick! >> reporter: the first woman ever to start in the front position at daytona. >> and contact! >> reporter: saturday's nightmarish wreck was still fresh on everyone's mind. >> and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> reporter: on the last lap of the race, one of the cars crashed into the fence and split apart, sending chunks of metal
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and a tire high in the grandstand. 28 fans were hurt. 12 admitted to local hospitals. some seated as far from the track as 40 rows up. heather huntington saw it up close. >> we were really shook up. >> reporter: and some questioned whether the 22-foot high catch fence is high enough. three-time indianapolis 500 winner dario franchitti called for an alternative, tweeting, there has to be a better solution. race officials said they will look at ways to make improvements. >> i think that's the key we learn from this and figure out what else to do. >> reporter: it's been the ability to almost reach out and touch the car that's always been part of nascar's culture. >> how do you stop something like this from happening? it's a tough situation nascar is in. there's always that possibility. >> reporter: but on sunday, the race went on. nascar's super bowl starting much as it has for half a century. only this time with a twist. >> drivers, and danica, start
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your engines! >> reporter: when it was over, jimmie johnson had won his second daytona 500. danica patrick finished eighth, the best finish ever for a woman at daytona. much of it was overshadowed by the crash on saturday. # >> as you would expect. janet shamlian, thank you very much. here's savannah. >> thanks. now to washington where the sweeping automatic budget cuts set to take effect in just four days unless lawmakers reach a deal. nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander takes a look at how it will affect everything from air travel to the food we eat. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, savannah, that's all true this morning the white house is picking up the pace of its pr offensive, rolling out reports for each of the country states and how they will be affected by these automatic budget cuts. later today the president will speaks to the governors here in washington for their winter meetings. republicans also don't like these cuts, but they accuse the president of failing to lead and
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ultimately it's you who could be affected. at the shipyard in norfolk, virginia, 1,600 letters with warnings much possible pink slips are already in the mail, while workers wait for washington to act. >> they take this away, a lot of people will be hurt. >> reporter: still, with the clock ticking down, no signs of progress, but plenty of dire warnings from the administration about the potential impact of the so-called sequester. fewer fbi agents on the job. kids kicked out of child care programs. even meat shortages that could jack up prices with fewer inspectors working. >> if we don't have inspection, we're not going to be working so i don't need the employees here. >> reporter: air travel could be crippled. fewer tsa agents would mean longer security lines, fewer air traffic controllers, meaning more time on the tarmac. states will be hard hit too. the white house releasing these new figures overnight. in california, 9,600 low-income students could lose their college financial aid, in florida, nearly $4 million could be slashed to provide meals for needy seniors and in texas, nearly 10,000 fewer children
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will receive vaccines for diseases like whooping cough and the flu. just in time for spring, national parks like yosemite will see their services cut, the pentagon planning to force more than 700,000 defense department workers to take one day off a week, a 20% pay cut. near quantico marine base in northern virginia, the anticipation is already breeding anxiety. >> people are hunkered down, really afraid to spend any kind of money. >> reporter: there is bipartisan agreement for one thing, both sides seem to agree that these cuts will go into affect at the end of this week. there's also at least some good news. most of the layoffs and furloughs won't actually take place until a month from now. >> maybe they will sort it out at some point. peter alexander at the white house, thank you very much. let's get a check of the top stories of the morning. natalie is here with those. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. >> good morning, savannah. in the news this morning, john kerry is in london this
7:13 am
morning as he kicks off his first official overseas trip as secretary of state. nbc's foreign chief correspondent andrea mitchell is traveling with him. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. secretary clinton could not resolve syria and secretary kerry is facing his debut on the world stage, trying to deal with the same problem. he met today with the prime minister at downing street, david cameron, as the allies are trying to scramble, trying to salvage a key meeting with syrian opposition leaders scheduled later this week in rome. syrian rebels do not want to go to the meeting because they are frustrated that the u.s. and europe have refused to provide arms and other aid and create a no-fly zone. secretary clinton had proposed that along with defense secretary leon panetta last year, at least proposed arming and training some rebel groups but the president rejected that plan last year. tomorrow, of course, the biggest problem, the biggest obstacle that the new secretary of state,
7:14 am
john kerry, will face to getting rid of the assad regime is russia. he will meet tomorrow in berlin with the russian foreign leader. that's a very big challenge. as he continues what he's calling a listening tour, nine countries in 11 days. natalie? >> andrea mitchell, traveling with the secretary in london, this morning, thank you. # more legal trouble for the more legal trouble for the pistorius family this morning as it's revealed the so-called blade runner's older brother is facing vehicular manslaughter charges for the death of a woman in a 2008 auto accident. meantime oscar pistorius is free on bail as he awaits murder charges in the death of reeva steenka steenkamp. the era of castro leadership over cuba will come to an end in 2018. raul began with what he says will be his final five-year term on sunday. tapping his house deputy to assume the presidency in 2018. raul succeeded his brother fidel
7:15 am
castro who led the cuban revolution in 1989. gas prices as the average cost per gallon has jumped 20 cents over the past two weeks according to the lumberg savage. average drivers can expect to pay $3.80 for a gallon of regular. now let's head to wall street. cnbc's courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. all eyes on italy as the european nation votes on new government leaders in the mist of economic crisis. expect global stocks to fall if the new slate is viewed as at all unstage. the race for prime minister is wide open. it's a big week for retail earnings and they will look to see how the consumer is feeling and if higher payroll taxes and rising gas prices are impacting spending. >> courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange, thanks. at 101 years old, he's hanging up his running shoes. the great, great grandfather is
7:16 am
retiring from marathon running. he's completed 9 of the 26 mile races since he started running at the age of 89 to overcome family tragedy. in 2011 he became the first centenarian on record to complete a marathon, the nickname the turban tornado. he brings a new meaning to the phrase no excuses. fantastic for him. 7:17. he deserves to retire. >> 8 hours, 26 minutes, not bad. >> he started at 9. >> exactly. >> always time. always do a marathon. >> thanks. we'll send it back to al in los angeles for a first check of the weather, including another major winter storm, can that be true? >>. [ no audio ] >> big problems as they saw anywhere from one to two feet of snow in some areas.
7:17 am
we're going to be looking at more of this making its way into the midsection of the country. okay. let's go to the maps and show you exactly what we're talking about. you can see this what we've got basically, blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings from new mexico to illinois and the snowfall is really coming down. look on the radar. you can see to the south and the east, there's a lot of showers and thunderstorms, but snow back from amarillo all into wichita. we're talking about anywhere from three to nine inches of snow, as much as a foot and a half in some sections. then to the south, we have heavy rain, lots of thunderstorms. check it out, show you exactly as far as the warnings are concerned and watches. we have flood watches, flash flood watches and flash flood warnings in effect. rainfall amounts we're talking anywhere from three to nine inches of rain, basically making its way through the area tonight. that's what's going on, but first, your local forecast.
7:18 am
good monday morning to you. a live look over a hazy sky over oakland. happy to report we don't have low cloud cover out there. in fact, most of the haze is going to clear out of here later on today. we have good looking wind to help clear out our atmosphere. 65 in santa theresa. we have high pollen levels. if you are sneezing, sniffling, that's probably why. that will be the case all week long. getting into your thursday, the
7:19 am
70s return even warmer for friday. matt? >> all right. thanks. coming up, we'll have a lot more on the oscars and the even's fashions, including one star who hit the red carpet in a dress from h & m. and a million dollars in jewels. >> not bad. will she be ready for sochi? our ex-cluesive interview with lindsey vonn. it's her first since undergoing major surgery following that nasty crash. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:20 am
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coming up, we'll have more on new developments in the oscar pistorius case as the last images of his girlfriend before her death emerge. >> and waves of the future or is this a bad idea? why yahoo! is going to ban working from home and a lot of its employees are not too happy about it. that story after your local news. i was living with pain -- all over.
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the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness,
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sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i'm feeling better with lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. that search intensifying for two adults and two children lost in the frigid waters about 65 miles off the coast of monterey. right now a c-130 and two coast guard cutters are searching that area. they say the current would be pushing these people south. at 4:20 yesterday afternoon the coast guard receiving a broken distressed call that the sailboat they believed was called "charm blow" was taking on water. at 5:30 another call saying they
7:25 am
were abandoning ship. the coast guard says conditions were not good. the water was cold and there were gale-force winds. because the distress call was broken up they are not 100% certain of the ship's name. if you know that ship or the people on board, please call the coast guard. looks like a beautiful day and week. >> a great looking forecast. good morning to you, jon. good morning to you at home. live picture over san francisco just a few wispy clouds streaming in. that's the case throughout the day. filtered sunshine for us. small craft advisory in place until the overnight hours that goes for mariners. you want to take it easy out there. want to show you san jose. hazy but we have good air quality across the board for today. 37 degrees. chilly out there right now in san jose. by noon we'll climb into the mid to upper 50s and then we'll round out the day close to 70 in places like fairfield. 69 degrees there. 64 for fremont. 63 degrees on the way for san
7:26 am
francisco. getting into the end of the week, we climb even more. let's check your drive at 7:27. hey, mike. >> good morning. we're looking at 101 southbound side over on the right moving better now. over the last half hour we had a crash south 101 at san antonio road. that caused quite a stir. things were in lanes for a couple minutes. after about ten they did move to the shoulder. a distraction now clearing from chp incident report slow from before you get to marsh all of the way down into the area. southbound 880 smooth out of 238. the earlier car fire on northbound side has indeed cleared and we have typical congestion through the area and here's the south bay. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. we'll have another local update for you in one half hour from right now. hope to see you then.
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we'll have a look at some of the beautiful designer dresses that turned heads at the oscars. who wore it best? we'll have a look at that with al and meredith live in los angeles coming up. 7:30 now on a monday morning, february 25th. >> who are you wearing this morning? >> i have no idea. it was a late night. in this age of computers and smart phones where we're always connected, it's become pretty easy to do your work from home.
7:29 am
that's made life easier for people all across the country. why has yahoo! now decided to ban the process? we'll tell you what's behind the controversial decision. more on the oscar pistorius case, including the final images of his girlfriend before her death. we're seeing these for the first time this morning. we'll get the latest in a live report from south africa. let's begin this half hour with the exclusive interview with gold medal skier lindsey vonn. we caught up with her in veail, colorado, where she continues to recover from a terrible crash. she tells me sochi remains firmly in her sights. a beaming smile, atop the podium for four overall world cup titles and olympic gold. lindsey vonn's childhood dreams come true, and then a nightmare at the recent world championships. >> and she is down, heavy ily. >> now, two weeks after major knee surgery, she is up and
7:30 am
about. in the mountains she grew up in as a girl. >> they have reflectors in case i'm cruising. >> going out on the highway at night? yeah? >> a specialty so when i'm walking around in the ice i've got little grippers. >> the day after surgery she shared this photo from her hospital bed and now was willing to show me the actual damage. >> i have a screw that holds in my mcl and acl right here and then i have a little pin that kind of holds it all together. >> rehab started immediately. one-hour sessions twice a day. upper body and core are no problem. as far as the knee? >> mostly just moving the kneecap around so there's no scarring underneath the kneecap, getting the fluid out. >> von remembers all the details of the crash. she estimates she was skiing 70 to 80 miles an hour. >> i just went off a jump, flew too far and landed in a pile of snow that hadn't been cleared
7:31 am
away. and it essentially stopped my skis on impact and my knee just completely buckled. >> you let out a shriek. >> yeah. i knew -- i initially thought it was going to be worse. there was so much pain that i couldn't quite tell where exactly it was coming from. >> air lifted to the hospital she learned she had torn ligaments, her acl and mcl, plus a bone fracture. >> i knew what was wrong with me within five minutes of getting there. everything happened pretty quick, but it was still a long time for me to think about, you know, my career and -- >> did you, did you -- >> yeah. >> stop and think okay, i've broken this, torn this, got major surgery in my future. is this the end of the career? >> i didn't think it was going to be the end of my career. >> falls and injuries, she says, are part of the job. >> you can honestly, after what you just went through, get back on a course and have no fear? >> i know i can.
7:32 am
that's just who i am. >> you read the magazines and they already cal you the most accomplished. >> but i'm not. >> well, the most accomplished. >> number two. >> u.s. ski er of all time. >> u.s., u.s. skier, but not overall. >> it means that much to you? >> yep. i just -- i feel like i have a lot more left to do. >> do you worry you push yourself too hard? >> yeah, i definitely do. i always consider when i get injured, is this going to prevent me from walking when i'm 50? >> and more headlines of the von revealed recently she struggles with depression. i'm curious why you came forward. >> i felt like after my divorce that was something i needed to get off my chest. and i felt like i needed to tell people about it to really be able to move forward. i hope that at least one good thing about me talking about it is that other people don't feel ashamed to talk about it. >> no stranger to injury, she feels the recovery process will give her strength. >> i struggled definitely in the first couple of days after the
7:33 am
injury but i have something to look forward to. and right now my goal is to be back for 2014 in sochi. i have plenty of time to get ready for sochi. >> do you really? to hear you say that it doesn't seem like a lot of time for me. it's a lot of time for sochi but you can't just show up in sochi and say i'm ready to ski again. >> says who? >> when will you have to get back on the slopes so you can be ready for the slopes? >> honestly in the worst case scenario, if i trained a week before the games, i would be fine. >> that sounds a little optimistic. she says she hopes to get back on skis some time in november and race some in december. by the way, on another note, recent headlines have linked lindsey with tiger woods. i asked her about that she said, matt i would like to keep my personal life private. we respect that. >> i like how she sassed you.
7:34 am
says who? >> for a guy who never skied a day in his life. >> we definitely are rooting for her. we want to get another check of the weather from al out in los angeles. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by chico's, your destination for fabulous fashion and accessories. good morning, everybody, here from los angeles. let's take a look, see what we've got for you coming up this half hour we are looking at a fabulous day to start off. what's the week look like? above-normal temperatures in the upper great lakes, eastern seaboard looking at a little wet weather, below-normal temperatures with snow back through the rockies and the plains states. as we get into the midweek period we'll be looking at below-normal temperatures in the midsection of the country. above normal in the southeast. we expect temperatures to stay below normal from the upper great lakes all the way to the gulf, along the california coast.
7:35 am
warmer than usual in the northeast and n 7:36. back to work and back to school monday. a great looking forecast. an early taste of spring this week starting with a live picture from high atop san bruno out toward the bay and we have patchy fog but that's about it. it will burn off quickly. i wouldn't be shocked if it was gone over the course of the next hour as we head through about 10:00 to 11:00 today full sunshine over the greater bay area and highs represent that. 66 degrees on the way for livermore. getting into tomorrow, staying level and then the climb is on wednesday. 68. up to 70 on thursday. >> and that's your latest weather, savannah. >> al, thank you. oscar pistorius is making his first public appearance after being freed on bail as we see what could be the final images of his girlfriend alive. michelle kosinski is in south africa for us. good morning. >> reporter: why oscar pistorius hasn't shown up to meet with
7:36 am
police or if he really has to after all. we're seeing the first images that we're thinking may actually be the last known pictures captured of reeva steenkamp, her friend's father telling a newspaper she hadn't planned on staying with pistorius that night saying i'm tired, it's too far to drive. i'll see you tomorrow. these pictures leaked from security camera video show a smiling reeva steenkamp arriving at oscar pistorius' gated development the evening before valentine's day for what would be the last time. for three days, the stuff of global headlines, oscar pistorius has not set foot outside his uncle's house. awaiting army of photographers no doubt a detracter. his brother faces questions himself, facing culpable homicide, negligent homicide or
7:37 am
manslaughter in the u.s., stemming from a car accident six years ago in which a woman on a motorcycle died. he was charged with driving recklessly. while he was in court for his brother each day last week, standing by his side, at times comforting him, his own trial was supposed to start that thursday, but was postponed till the next month so he could support oscar. in a statement, his attorney said there is no doubt that carl is innocent. he deeply regrets the accident. blood tests conducted by the police at the time prove that he had not been under the influence of alcohol. the deceased collided with carl's car. the attention on oscar's case has not let up for a moment. friends of reeva steenkamp react to his release. >> personally i think he deserves to stay in jail and suffer there. >> reporter: pistorius is free to live his life within a set of restrictions. his coach had talked about starting training again as early as today but he has chosen to stay well out of the spotlight for now in tfor the first time n
7:38 am
many years. not included in the final court order, which seems to be different than what prosecutors have. his spokesperson said he did meet with parole officers. if he does have to meet with them, why are they coming to him instead of the reverse? savannah? >> michelle kosinski in south africa, thank you. does your company let you work from home from time to time? yahoo!'s controversial decision on banning working from home. and oscar one.
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7:43 am
brilliant business move, others saying it could be disastrous for the struggle iing company. she shattered the glass ceiling as the first pregnant and under 50 ceo of a fortune 500 company. the world and the women's movement expected big things but probably not this. leaking an internal memo from human resources that bans telecommuting saying some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people and impromptu team meetings. speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. the new policy sparked intense debate, especially on twitter. hey, marissa, 1980 just called. they want their work environment back, wrote one user. mayer is trying to right a big ship. best to bring all hands on deck and focus the crew, wrote another. known for its employee perks and even yahoo! gives free food and iphone 5. this more traditional move has some scratching their heads.
7:44 am
>> to basically say that no working from home and pretty much no working from home ever, no matter what the circumstances are, truly makes it feel sort of like an anti-parent, in many ways, anti-female workplace. >> reporter: the criticism won't sway mayer, who has made it clear the bottom line is her top priority. >> it comes with attention on everything you do. >> again, i haven't spent a lot of time looking at it or thinking about it. i've really been focused on the products. >> reporter: some say that focus may be just what yahoo! needs. >> if yahoo! needed to cut a lot of fat and can get a bunch of people who will now walk instead of go through massive layoffs, this may go down as a very interesting management move. >> if those employees do walk, experts say companies like google are eager to tap yahoo!'s top talent. when asked for a comment they
7:45 am
said, quote, we don't comment on rumor rumors,. matt? >> increases the happiness level of a lot of employees. >> you can't say home five dayies a week as much as you might like to but having that flexibility is something a lot of people expect from a modern workplace. >> i'm sure she works a lot from home. it's the image you set. >> apparently not anymore. that may change in a hurry. we'll see. ryan satisfy cresea crest wd tour of the oscars. rsea crest w guided tour of the oscars. ysea guided tour of the oscars. asea guided tour of the oscars. nsea guided tour of the oscars. sea guided tour of the oscars. crest guided tour of the oscars. i'm doing my own sleep study.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
we are back now, 7:50. ryan seacrest spent the evening at the oscars, following the stars for e! and he let our cameras tag along to see how it all comes together.
7:49 am
>> okay. one day for the big event. the oscars are tomorrow. right now we'll take a look at what the show might look like on the red carpet. we call it a rehearsal. how are you doing? >> hi! >> we're actually here on hollywood boulevard. this red carpet is in the middle of the street. there are 400 members of the media represented for the oscars and, look, they're already getting set up. this is where 700 lucky fans get a front row seat to watch all the stars as they enter the theater in their dresses and tux tuxes. thank you very much, adele. have fun. good luck tonight. this is where i stand for the red carpet arrivals. and this is our e! team right here. this is our red carpet.
7:50 am
this is all the space you get. all the hard work has been done. now, ladies and gentlemen, it's show time. >> what was today like? >> today was stressful and i had no time to eat. i am starving. >> at 9 years old, what is this experience like for you? >> it has been crazy. >> i take it you guys became close on this project? >> yes, indeed. he's my son. i tied his bow tie in the car. >> your hair looks amazing. >> i spent a lot of hair drying. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> that is a wrap. for "today," ryan seacrest on the oscar red carpet. >> big night. we still have al and meredith out in los angeles. favorite moments. did you have some? >> you start. >> the in memoriam where we saw the people who we lost and it morphed into barbra streisand singing a tribute to marvin
7:51 am
hamlish. it was haunting. >> jennifer lawrence -- i loved when she tripped not when she tripped but the way she handled it, her humor which she is famous for. that is her new thing, right, tripping? >> she makes the most of the moment, that's for sure. she rises well. >> fashions from last night. first your local news. >> do you think being and then you'll be turned into one and you will have to stay in and then you'll have to get shaved because you will be too hot and then you're like... [ growling ] which means i wish i was back to a human. what? [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. faster is better. and iphone 5 downloads fastest on at&t 4g. ♪ because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy.
7:52 am
[ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious!
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7:54 am
it is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. from sports there are rumors swirling this morning the 49ers worked eed out a deal to trade smith. cbs sports reporting the deal is a done one but can't be annou e announced until march 12th when the league officially starts. there's no word on who will acquire smith but a lot of experts believe it's the kansas city chiefs. the new chiefs head coach andy reid was reportedly interested in acquiring smith a year ago when he was coaching the eagles. i can say without hesitation, i would not trade our weather for anything. christina loren, more sunshine our way. >> especially when you consider kansas city today. good morning to you. 7:56.
7:55 am
they got a snowstorm. we have abundant sunshine. high clouds streaming in throughout the day today. otherwise a bit of a breeze. lots of sunshine. to your tuesday, a weak disturbance comes through. temps will level off. won't climb or fall. that they'll stay as warm as they are today. the warmup kicks in wednesday through the upcoming weekend. 66 degrees in livermore today. 63 in san francisco. getting into that all-important weekend even though it's only monday, good to think about 70s and barbecue weather come friday. over to you, mike. >> almost feeling guilty about the good weather. looking here, west across the san mateo bridge. you may find slowing reports of a stall along the flat section. don't see anything dramatic. the map does show heavy volume of traffic on the hayward side. look at that off the castro valley y. both directions for 880 and slowing across westbound direction a bit on the peninsula side san mateo slows both direction at 92.
7:56 am
slow south again. another accident there on marsh. other one clearing from san mateo. south bay 87 tough this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much for the update. another local update for you in one half hour from right now. the "today" show rolls on. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 25th day of february, 2013. it is a bright, sunny morning here in new york city with a big crowd gathered, signs in hand, waving to the people back home. and we thank them for stopping by. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everyone. we've got al and meredith out in los angeles. they had quite the night last night. didn't you guys? >> we absolutely did.
7:59 am
we're having a great time out here. we had a great time last night. i got to take in the glitz and glamour on the red carpet. coming up, who made oscars best dressed list and in one of the least expensive ever dresses make it? i'll also show you what happened when i hit the after parties. >> okay. then what is it like to be a 9-year-old and have to deal with the hoopla and pressure of hollywood's biggest night? we're with quvenzhane wallis. >> nobody makes the puppy purse like little quvenzhane wallis. >> you have to be 9, though. >> you could do it. let's check the headlines with natalie. cardinal keith o'brien will not take part in the conclave to choose the successor to pope benedict. he resigned this morning after being accused of inappropriate conduct. pope benedict told worshippers sunday when he steps
8:00 am
down thursday he will not abandon the church but serve it in a way more appropriate for his age. congress returns from vacation today with less than a week when sequester spending cuts are expected to kick in. president obama will meet today, hoping to increase pressure on lawmakers to come up with a deal. wild weekend for nascar ended sunday with jimmie johnson winning his second daytona 500. danica patrick made history, as the first woman to start in a pole position, finishing eighth. saturday at the same track, a terrible crash sent debris into the stands, injuring fans. what has you talking online. you may have wondered about that scribbling on ben affleck's hands, something twitter followers have noticed throughout the season. those were messages from his
8:01 am
daughters, including one that read i heart papa. very cute. swag bag ease the pain for losing nominees, options such as a $12,000 vacation to australia, a $5,000 so-called vampire face lift, which requires no surgery and a five-day stay on the south shore of kauai in hawaii. weight loss retreat or bottle of platinum tequila. jennifer lawrence handled post oscar questions with good humor, starting with one about how she got ready for her big night. >> and then i came to the oscars -- i'm sorry, i did a shot before i -- >> the fall on the way up to the stage. >> was that on purpose? absolutely. >> what happened? >> what do you mean what happened?
8:02 am
look at my dress. >> what went through my mind when i fell down? a bad word that i can't say. it starts with f. >> worry about peaking too soon? >> well, now i am. god. >> the 22-year-old joked that the day was so stressful she felt like steve martin in "father of the bride." she handled it all very gracefully though. 8:04. let's go back outside to matt and savannah. >> she has a great sense of humor, natalie. she really does. >> future oscar host perhaps. why would you want to do that to your career? >> it's usually over after that. mr. roker is back in los angeles with a check of the weather. hey, al. >> guys, thank you so much. again, we've got this big storm we're tracking. of course, we're talking about blizzard-like conditions. our pick city of the day, though, los angeles, california. it will be sunny and mild.
8:03 am
nbc 4, your station here. 69 degrees. gorgeous day today. look at this storm system getting its together in the midsection of the country. snow to the north. rain to the south and east. we've got blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings from new mexico all the way into illinois with snowfall amounts anywhere from six to nine inches, as much as a foot and a half of snow. to the south of this system we've got a lot of rain and thunderstorms to talk about. severe thunderstorm watches in effect through parts of louisiana on into mississippi. we've got flash flood watches and flash flood warnings in effect as well through the southeast. rainfall amounts anywhere from three to five inches locally, as much as seven. both these areas got hit late last week with heavy rain and 8:05 now on a monday morning. beautiful week for us as well. taking a live look here over the san francisco bay. you will notice some ripples out
8:04 am
there on the water. we do have a small craft advisory because of some winds. they'll continue to pick up as we head throughout the day tapering off in the evening, overnight. tuesday to wednesday temperatures start to climb. 70 thursday, the mid-70s as we get into the upcoming weekend. hope you have a fantastic monday. neck of the woods. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? e. >> he'll be here. we'll take a break. when we come back, al will check out the fashions from the oscars last night. then we'll meet two brothers behind the hilarious ad, trying to find dates for their cousin's
8:05 am
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8:09 am
>> here along the red carpet, it came down to the four bs, beading, brocade, bold colors and beards. bare shoulders on a chilly night. >> i've got fire in my veins. >> fire in your veins? >> they left the back open. i love the back. >> i see why you love the back. i love the back. >> thank you. >> this is like the world series of this business. and i literally am thrilled to be here. >> you have a full beard working. he has a full beard. what's with the facial hair? >> i don't know but we hugged and stuck together like velcro. >> we meet once a week. i figured i would go with it. >> i'm so into this.
8:10 am
i don't know how i'm going to get out at the end of the night. >> this is my breakfast at tiffany's look. >> i can't wait to see dinner. >> come on. >> $2 million worth here. >> wow! jennifer lawrence, looking for one person -- me. >> no one i'm more excited to see tonight is you. i'm starving and i can see a mcdonald's right there. >> so close. >> so close. i'm on a diet, got a happy meal not a big mac. >> you don't get the golden arches, you get a golden statue. she at any time get the big mac but she did get the golden statue. i think she was happy with the way it worked out, savannah. >> i'll say. she mentioned she got a shot, too, which one may be related to the other. al, thanks. coming up next, a lot more
8:11 am
on the oscars, including who made the night's boldest fashion statement. we'll break it all down after this. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
8:12 am
♪ but i won't do that ♪ or that ♪ or this definitely not this! it hurts but i kind of like it! ♪
8:13 am
the executive editor of cosmopolitan. ladies, good morning. >> good morning. >> joyce, did you think this was an exciting red carpet? >> i wouldn't say it's the most exciting red carpet we've seen.
8:14 am
we've seen showstoppers in the oscars where often times the celebs pull out all the stops. we did see hollywood glamour at its best and ran the gamut from classic nude and white colors and things picked up in the excitement department when the decos started rolling out. >> you said there was a famine of color but there was an explosion of glitzy deco, including the first lady. >> i was truly blown away by the -- i felt like i was in vegas. halle berry was stunning in versace, major comeback from the last awards show in terms of body silhouettes, age appropriate. >> phenomenal, styled by hollywood super stylist alicia stewart. >> charlize theron, cut her hair short for a part but she rocked it. >> she really rocked it. so simple, clean and the hair
8:15 am
kind of made it. >> i love that the clavicle is the new cleavage, that shoulder baring dress, i knew i was going to see a lot of that. >> so many strapless dresses last night. totally strapless or sleeves, there was no in between. >> or asymmetric superhero cutouts. >> my favorite thing was the necklace, long necklace in the back. >> sort of added a youthful, fresh touch to a dior couture dress. >> it was truly couture runway, especially when she fell on the steps. it was such a super model moment. will make the cover of every newspaper this morning. it's one of those moments you don't forget. it was elegant and sweet. >> is that a pale pink or a white? >> it's a white with a little blush under it. >> it had a blush undertone to it. >> anne hathaway, a dress that is a little polarizing. some people liked it, some
8:16 am
people didn't. what did you guys think? >> here is the thing. i love the dress with the tiffany necklace. personally, i didn't love what it was doing in the back. i thought that was a little bit alarming. the satin finish remind ed me o a bed linen. i didn't love it. i really didn't. >> what do you think? >> i think anne is a polarizing actress and she's going to make controversial choices. i thought the look was beautiful but i'm not sure it was the dress for the oscars. >> she's so polarizing, i would love to see her loosen up a little bit. give us a little more playfulness. >> let's go through some other ladies. jackie weaver, did you like her look? >> she was really proud of her $2 million worth of diamonds. there's something to be said for that. that's sort of what she led with, and her talent. >> how about sally fields? >> i thought she was amazing. i predicted red on the red carpet. she showed up a showstopper. it was absolutely stunning, youthful, elegant. she felt fun and free and just
8:17 am
pretty. >> talk about showstopper, jane fonda. does she look amazing in this, in this brilliant yellow? >> she looks stunning. age appropriate. it was sexy. it was hot and it's like the jane fonda workout really worked. whatever it is, keep doing it. >> siep us up. another polarizing dress, to borrow your words, naomi watts. what did you think? did you like it, june? >> more on the edgier side that we don't see. the night was so boring that i think it was exciting. i really loved it because of that. >> what about you, joyce? >> i thought it was the sleeper hit of the oscars. naomi watts never gets it wrong but last night was the night where she really stood out. it was bold and it was different and modern. i thought she looked amazing. >> let's talk about helen hunt wearing h & m. >> eau couture, h & m. >> i love that she was wearing h & m dress and million dollar
8:18 am
jewelry. brilliant marketing. the dress isn't my favorite but i did love -- it was navy. navy was the new black last night. it was a truly stunning silhouette on her. i wouldn't have said this is a look of less. it definitely gave her a look of more. >> it was puffy and sparkly. >> she totally wins the oscar. >> she was my favorite. >> everyone fell in love with her if they weren't already. i love that she called her look armani jr. >> the puppy purse, new look of the seen. i think we'll see a lot moving forward. >> reese witherspoon looked stunning. she said her little girl helped to pick out the dress. >> she was adorable. and the shape on the red carpet as well. >> 20 seconds or so for the guys. facial hair is the new black. >> facial hair is the new accessory for the night for the guys on the red carpet. >> they were distinguished.
8:19 am
i loved the three-piece tuxedos. stylish moment for them and they all looked really sharp. >> if you had to give a grade overall to the red carpet? >> eh. >> i give it a b plus. >> what about you? you're not going to get off the hook. >> a b. >> okay. tough critic. june ambrose, joyce chang, thank you. >> thank you. no one likes going to events like the oscars or weddings alone. two brothers have found a creative way to find dates. dave and mike, we'll call them, because that's their names, posted this creative ad on craigslist. more in the background here. there's this wedding. the bride is your cousin and she doesn't want you harassing the other guests if you guys come alone. she says you must bring dates, right? >> smart. very smart. >> so you would have harassed the other dates? >> she knew us well. >> it's a big assumption but we're going to agree with her.
8:20 am
>> you're two pretty normal guys from what i can figure out over the past few minutes here. no girls came to mind in your lives that you might have thought, okay, we'll bring them? >> that's not entirely true. we thought of two girls we wanted to bring. they're actually sisters we grew up with. they're both the same age as us and we thought these would be the perfect wedding dates. we had crushes on them. >> beautiful, funny girls. >> what happened? >> well, the younger of them, who is mike's age, is actually in uganda, volunteering at a clinic. so she wouldn't be able to make it back in time. >> that's a problem. >> turns out round-trip flights are expensive. while we were coming up with a backup plan we put out the ad. >> you said to the women you should respond in pairs. at least one person at this wedding. sisters, twins preferable. we'll take friends or even enemies. you should be attractive or our aunts will judge you, but not too attractive or one of our uncles might grope you. >> they might. >> let's talk about some --
8:21 am
first of all, the bride knows about this stunt now? >> she does now. >> how does she feel about that? any idea? >> pretty okay with it. >> she is? >> she's been fantastic with all the taepgs. >> let's talk about some of the responses. how many serious responses have you gotten? >> total responses, we're up to about 1,800, maybe pushing 2,000. and most of them are pretty serious. >> there's jill and jane, who actually prepared a power point presentation for your consideration, saying they're fun, won't embarrass you too much and are not self centered. what do you think about them? >> you have to appreciate a girl who is going to approach this from a professional standpoint. a power point presentation. >> took some effort, no question. >> sure. >> these girls did a verse of the song to the tune "don't stop believing." i'm not going to get into the words but what do you think about that? >> rhymed words, creative. we were singing it all night. very classic. >> they're going to get a call back. >> a couple of older applicants, a woman named penny, offering
8:22 am
herself and her sister. they're 53 and 50 years old. do they have a shot? >> they don't have a shot. >> why? >> only because penny is taking care of her husband, who is disabled and we don't want her to -- >> we're not going to wreck a home. >> age is not an issue? >> not at all. >> so hoda and kathie lee? >> oh, they're in. >> they're in? >> if they would go for this, would you do that? >> we thought they would tap in, in person, but we're waiting. >> haven't checked my e-mail before the segment, though. >> among the people who are in it for them, royalties once our night story has developed into a romantic comedy, the chances are estimated at 85%, we refuse the right to let ashton kutcher play either of us. >> we were thinking he could play our older brother, sean. >> when are you choosing, quickly? >> in a week or two. >> we'll check in on you.
8:23 am
8:24 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm marla tellez. the families of a bay area couple missing in peru will speak with the american embassy later today. garrett hand and 27-year-old jamie neal left the bay area in november on a five-month cycling adventure through south america. well, they've been chronicling their trip on facebook but all posts abruptly ended on january 25th. at that point they were in cusco, peru. friends are worried, especially
8:25 am
since the state department issued a warning of criminals looking to kidnap americans near there. because a lot of those schools that were off last week, they're back this week. we have a lot more folks on the roadways. here's north 101 at 680, nothing unusual here but look at the map. 101 drags up to the airport. that's normal. from 85, 17 up to 280, then continuing up to 101 where 880 is slow there as well. slow in both directions through palo alto. another crash slowing things out of san mateo. >> a lot going on. we'll be back at 8:56.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:30 now on this monday morning, february 25th, 2013. a pretty start to the day here in new york city. we've got a great crowd that's come down here to say hello as they wave to the folks back home. i'm savannah guthrie along with matt lauer and natalie morales. al roker and meredith vieira are
8:29 am
out in los angeles this morning. good morning again to you guys. >> good morning. coming up from here, we'll take you inside some of the hottest post oscar parties. >> and i spent some time with the adorable quvenzhane wallis as the 9-year-old got ready for her big night. matt? >> meredith, we look forward to that. you're not the only ones mingling with superstars. shuffle with me over here. take a look at this, michael phelps, the most decorate d olympian of all time. michael, good to see you. >> thank you. >> how is retirement going? >> living out of a suitcase, using a golf club a lot and traveling alone. >> explain that a little bit. you're now part of the golf channel's hank haney golf project, legendary has taken you on for the show. >> it's the most humbling thing i've ever done in my life. it's brutal. it's fun. you get to see some amazing golf
8:30 am
courses. i get the privilege to work with hank. throughout the show you see a lot of frustration. no pros yet. >> out in arizona. >> yeah. it's been fun, though. >> what made you pick golf? you leave swimming, have your choice of sports, within reason. >> i used to always want to golf when i was a kid. actually at one point in high school wanted to quit swimming and be on the golf team. but it turned out that it was a good choice. >> you made the right move. >> yeah. >> but now here we are. and i'm tackling this sport and hopefully -- >> let's see how you are, michael. i'll go one handed. >> it should be pretty easy. >> okay. >> if you can't beat me, you have no prayer.
8:31 am
all right. one more. best out of three. going head-to-head with the most decorated olympian in history. wait a minute. oh! sorry. >> missed it. missed it. >> okay. >> pressure is on. >> savannah messed up his concentration. >> oh, no, i didn't. >> no, no, we don't have a winner. the hank haney project on the golf channel. i look forward to playing with you one day. that would be fun. >> let's go back out to al with a check of the weather. >> all right. thanks so much, guys. let's take a look and see what we've got for the week ahead. as we start the week off, we are going to be looking, first of all, at a lot of wet weather in the south. we're looking at snow through the central plains. it is just going to come down. we've got blizzard-like conditions today throughout parts of the midwest. we've got flooding rains, slight risk of strong storms from west
8:32 am
to eastern texas all the way through the panhandle of florida. beautiful sunny skies. great lakes on into the midatlantic states. snow showers in the upper great 8:33. back-to-work monday. blue sky over the greater bay area. we do have a little bit of patchy coastal fog, ragged patches hugging the coastal mountains but that will be the sky overhead all day long. beautiful sunshine. 66 degrees as a result in livermore. 52 degrees on the way for san francisco. great looking week only gets better if you're looking for the warmth. temperatures to the mid-70s, that means barbecue weather back in the bay area. hope have you a great. >> all those big storms raging, keep track of your weather on the weather channel on cable or online. back to you guys. >> thank you so much, al. say hello to francelina.
8:33 am
she is the latest contestant to have the scales tip against her. good morning. >> good morning. >> you look fantastic, can i tell you that? >> thank you. i feel fantastic. >> from the beginning of the process until now how much weight have you lost? >> 90 pounds now. >> you lost 100 pounds before you even got to the ranch. >> i lost 100 pounds prior to getting on the show and i managed to take down half of my weight at this point. my biggest was 250 pounds, so -- >> wow! >> feeling small now. >> what are you doing at home? i know there's always exercise, but dancing has been an inspiration as well? >> i try to keep it fun, have a good time with it. it can't feel like a routine for me. it has to be fun. i'm more outgoing and happy now. i go out salsa dancing all the time now. >> you lost a lot on the ranch but you found something on the ranch, a little love perhaps? >> i did. >> with a fellow contestant? tell us about that. >> during the show, jesse and i became really close. we were like best friends and, you know, eventually we're like,
8:34 am
okay, we're more than best friends. and it's just so incredible, being with somebody that knows exactly what you've been through, has seen you at your worst and i'm getting better and better every day and he's still there. it's awesome. >> you've gotten a lot from the show in more ways than one. >> it really has. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> by the way, a reminder, catch the b "the biggest loser" tonight, 8:00, 9:00 central time and that is right here on nbc. coming up, much more from los angeles and here in new york. but first this is "today" on nbc. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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8:36 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters, flakes, and o's. oh, ho ho... [ female announcer ] you can find it on sale now at your local safeway store. back now at 8:28 with more of our oscar coverage and meredith spent part of the day with the youngest nominee. >> the culmination of years and
8:37 am
years of hard work but 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis is just getting started and as i found out there's nothing quite like going to the oscars as a kid. >> the whole universe, everything fitting together just right. >> "beasts of the southern wild," with its new star, quvenzhane wallis, taking this year's hollywood awards circuit by storm. we managed to catch up with her on her biggest day, the oscars. >> you look so beautiful! who are you wearing? >> i am wearing -- oh, my gosh. i always forget his first name. >> apparently she was nervous. it didn't last.
8:38 am
>> oh! >> first of all, we're going to start, okay. what is it about this dress? >> it's sparkly and it's puffy. >> it is puffy. it looks like a princess. it really does. >> thank you. >> do you feel beautiful? >> yes. >> now first thought you had when you woke up this morning? >> i am tired and i want to go back to sleep. i'm kidding. as i woke up, i was feeling excited. >> you're going to walk the red carpet. do you have your walk down? >> yes. >> can we see it? >> you asked for it. and i move. >> now if i saw you outside, you know, just living your life, are you more a girly girl or more tomboy? >> tomboy? >> not at all? >> i am a girl. >> so you're a girly girl through and through? >> through and through it and through it. >> and what girly girl doesn't have a photo shoot by armani on
8:39 am
oscar day? and those puppy purses we've seen her wearing, she has choices. >> all right. so you, the dress, the doggy purse. >> that's it. >> and the attitude. exactl exactly. >> and she was, indeed, chillaxing. if you think she has any intentions of throwing down you would be mistaken. she shot two films already, one with brad pitt and a remake of annie produced by will smith and jay-z, among other things. a busy, busy kid. >> a brilliant bit of casting. >> it's going to be wonderful. >> really. the real party begins after the oscars. meredith and i got a chance to cut loose a bit, starting with e elton john's annual bash in his fight against aids. >> it's gone from 300 people and
8:40 am
raising $300,000 to 900, nearly 1,000 people and raising $5 million. we can beat this disease. we just need to get rid of the shame. >> this obviously has a serious impact, this party. but there's the fun part of it, too. >> every year. it is work for us, but it's fun wor work. >> 14th year of this party. elton's husband, david, and i went to high school together. >> really? >> i haven't been invited. i just have to figure out a way to get in. >> meredith's going. >> you're michael buble. >> i actually thought of telling them i was josh grobin to get in. >> cut a rug. >> what's your night going to be?
8:41 am
>> strangers! >> vanity fair. >> we should get going. >> yeah. >> bye, al. >> vanity fair party. it's the one that everybody wants to go to. >> really shiny. >> i come here, dressed like a robot. >> looking for a good time? >> i'm looking for a cheeseburger. >> and now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> al! >> yes. >> oh, al! >> oh, yeah. >> the weather. now i remember. >> i'm going to hit -- i have to take my daughter to school in the morning. >> it's the first time i bring my husband. it's better than ever. >> a first date. >> yes. >> she's out here, it's chilly, it's cold. >> come check it out. >> jennifer wants me to check it out. >> there's a lot of nudity in
8:42 am
here. >> the bar should be fun. >> are you going to do your pole dancing again this year? because that killed. >> i didn't want to repeat myself. >> i would like to see that. >> no, you don't. >> never figured out why jim carrey had on those big feet. >> were they hobbit feet? >> they were but huge. >> kind of slimy on the bottom. >> and smelly, too. >> great moment. >> looked comfortable. >> exactly. thank you for that. we appreciate it. we'll have more with you in just a little while. meanwhile, coming up next, wild new trends for your home. savannah will handle that. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning on "today's" new home design trends, decorate and color your world.
8:45 am
elizabeth mayhew is a lifestyle editor and "today" contributor. it's more about gifts. you get ideas of where the trends are going, right? >> almost 40,000 people come to this show. it really is the place in the u.s. where you see what the trends are. a lot of it is home based. today we're uncovering what some of those things are. >> first one should be obvious. it's flowers. >> but it's wallflowers. this is redefining what you think of wallflowers. great way to create a focal point in your home. tommy mitchell, those are metal, all hand painted flowers. then puts as shadow boxes. you can do one or group them as a whole. it has an old fashioned but updated botanical look and these circles that double as vases. you don't have to put flowers in them. if you want to bring it to life for spring it's a great thing to do. >> use real flowers?
8:46 am
>> it's a little vessel. fill it with water. put it back on the wall. it can be just dots on the wall or vases. >> next we have rugs. >> animals on rugs has been a big trend. decorators like albert hadley have used them for years. these are updated for a kids room, crocheted lion. >> i'm glad you said that was for a kid's room. >> zebra, iconic decorator. this is printed canvas. no animals harmed in doing it. twos company. >> another big trend, color. everybody wants a little pop of color. >> little pops of colors but also it's color plus comfort. these are fantastic because they are indoor/outdoor. great as a pull-up for a dining room table. they give you a little bit of color or pattern. there are some from fab habitat and also fresh american home. these are hosable. you can pull them inside, outside. they just add that pop. and they look great stacked
8:47 am
under a side table. >> neon. it's still in for the home really? >> neon was really big in fashion last year. it started to hit home. home has a little bit of lag usually. it is really big for the summer. you can do something like a neon tray, which is from sea wonder. take that outside. or from kristen maxwell, she did these trimmed pillows. it's a touch without going crazy. >> because in six months you might be like, i hate this. >> this reads as neutral, because sew you're okay with it. >> our next trend has to do with organization. >> now this is the thing about organizing. we have all heard about it. we've all been told to buy the boxes. this is organizing that's fun. for example, hartford company has these great boxes like i will never be organized. stuff i'm never going to use. we often say in organizing it takes a village. paper storage company did these great boxes that look like buildings. when you stack them up it looks
8:48 am
like you have a cityscape. >> next trend is natural fiber. >> very thin towels, turkish towels. these are from pisu bazaar. you think they're not going to be as warm and as absorb entent. they are incredibly absorbent. terry on one side, linen on the other. they dry in seconds. great way to put color in. mongolian lamb is a big trend, add that is pop of interest. and alpaca is huge. from alicia adams alpaca, traditionally won in the past three years the top award from the gift show based on her color and incredible fibers. >> beautiful concepts. should we expect things to show up in the stores at maybe a better price point? >> not all these things are available right now. you'll see them hit the stores in march, april. they're coming out now. and you will see, just like they saw oscar, the fashions being
8:49 am
copied, these will be copied as well. >> all about the knockoffs. elizabeth mayhew, thank you. stress free meals for your family.
8:50 am
we're now back at 8:52 with your mapped out weekly meals. food for your family to enjoy. assembling our menu this week,
8:51 am
marcela. nice to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> different ethnic flare? >> they all have the mexican flavor but i like to go global because i feed my son, obviously, and it's a good time to get the conversation started with different cuisines and cultures. >> why do you like this, tandori chicken? >> you can season it with what you have at home and the flavors you like. >> adding to that a little bit of yogurt? >> jiginger. everybody loves garlic. cumin and coriander to season it. i love how you step back. >> that's all right. give it a shot. >> that creates a beautiful little marinade, right? >> just like this. >> how far in advance do you put the chicken in there? >> you can do this a day ahead. the day of there's no cleanup. throw it on the grill, serve it with a grilled pineapple salsa,
8:52 am
basmati rice. >> for tuesday, if you like. >> what's in the marinade here? >> olive oil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary. chop it up. add the raw shrimp. for a beautiful presentation. you only want to let that sit for ten minutes. >> it will start to break down -- >> you don't want it to turn into seveche. you stir it with the rosemary sprigs, cook until it's pink and you have beautiful shrimp, lime wedge ready to go. >> maybe white rice from the day before? >> go around that way. i'll meet you. >> you got it. >> day number three. beef menu. what do you call this? >> albondigas.
8:53 am
it reminds me of my mom. onion, celery, carrots. little bit of tomato paste to add some body, sweetness. we add our chicken broth. you guys already have everything prepped and ready to roll. >> these recipes are pretty simple for busy people. >> they really are. for me it's all about putting food on the table that's really good, do something different every day of the week, flavorful but fun at the same time. add those meatballs into the soup. we can add a couple. >> how long do they cook? >> ten minutes over low simmer. you don't have to overcook them. you want them to stay nice and soft. once they're cooked add a few more veggies, corn, cilantro, bay leaf. let that cook. >> let the corner go in last because otherwise that gets soft and mushy? >> yes. you want it to have a little bit of a bite. >> and in the final 30 seconds, you have a wild mushroom can
8:54 am
quesedilla. >> yes. little bit of thyme, white wine. take those mushrooms, add them to the quesadilla for a great dinner. >> natalie, you should have done this segment. >> i know. >> so good. >> thank you so much. by the way, you can find the full shopping list and the recipes on our website at special oscar take three from los angeles and right here but first your local news. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marla tellez. the pay area's pixar gets to add another oscar to it shelf. it snagged the oscar for best
8:55 am
animated feature last night. it was it sixth win in the category. it is planning a celebration at it emeryville offices today. good morning to you at home. such a great looking week shaping up. look at today. not too shabby. 66 inland, 63 at the coast. we're talking about the mid-70s and the warmest stretch of weather so far this year. hope have you a fantastic monday.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
welcome back on this monday morning, february 25th, 2013. it is the morning after the oscars. inside studio 1a here in new york, i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. our resident oscar party animals, al roker and meredith vieira are still going in l.a. just now recovering from their stupors. >> ouch!
8:59 am
>> how are you hold iing up? >> they call me stupor man. >> you've seen this clip, we know. we want to show some of our viewers. jennifer lawrence who won best actress last night, before the show on the red carpet with all the stars that were there said there's only one person she really wanted to see. >> i want to see al roker. i used to watch him like every day before school. >> of all the people you could possibly see, al roker? >> it means something to me personally. >> what does he mean to you other than what's happening in your neck of the woods? >> actors are great but i love al roker. i want to see him. >> every morning he's happy. >> i can be al roker. >> here comes the weather. >> hey, jennifer, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> hey! >> piers morgan is trying to get her to change her answer. she will not back down. she wants to meet al roker. >> no, she won't. she has a solid backbone and she will not be brow beaten by a guy with a name of something that a ship pulls into. >> oh.
9:00 am
>> and her favorite man is you, i think. >> i got to meet her. >> yeah. >> for the golden globes. she wasn't feeling well. we had a nice time. just a very -- seems like a very nice young lady. >> she does. >> really has her head on straight. >> she was my favorite moment from last night, if i can just add that. when she fell -- not because she fell. i felt bad for her. >> you're jump iing ahead becau willie wants to save that -- >> no, that's okay. >> transition, go with it, meredith. go with it. >> well, anyway, because she handled it so well. she was so charming and adorable. remember she had that mishap at the golden globes where people thought her dress had torn? she has that routine working for her. >> such a great sense of humor. >> that's it. she's self depricating. >> i loved how she answered the reporters backstage who asked her what she was thinking in
9:01 am
that moment. she was like really? well, it starts with an f. >> good thing she held that. >> pretty good. >> i have to say, i -- i mean, obviously, it was on a different note but my favorite moment was the in memoriam, seeing the people that had been lost over the year, who have made such memorable movies and ending with barbra streisand singing "memories." >> you never see her performing, very rarely. >> i know. >> that was beautiful. >> in a room full of the biggest stars in the world, she comes out there and everyone is just captivated. she still owns that room. how about you, nat? >> since the oscars were all about music on film, my favorite moment -- you know how much i love "les mis." >> here we go. are you going to start crying? >> no, i'm not going to cry, but the whole cast came out and sang together a medley from the movie and it was just magnificent. they all nailed it, including
9:02 am
russell crowe. it was great. >> yeah. the music was great. all the years of the bond film all the way through to adele. >> and shirley bassey singing "goldfinger," wow! >> she still has that voice. she nailed it. >> what was your favorite moment? >> near the end of the night, ben affleck's acceptance speech. he came up there with that same youthful exuberant speech, with a beard. from that moment in 1998 down to a bit of a career trough and back up. the way he explained it and talked about working through it. >> and his message about no grudges at a time, of course, when he was snubbed by the oscars for best director but his film went on to win anyway. his message was so important and so powerful. great reminder to all of us. >> i love how he addressed his wife, too. >> and how you pick yourself up.
9:03 am
by the way, the handwriting on his hand, as we reported earlier, his little girls had written messages, i heart you dad. >> got me right there. >> take two, a lot of people talking about the host last night, seth mcfarlane. he hosted the oscars for the first time last night, began with a big introduction of captain kirk, to help fix his opening monologue. he showed off his talent. you know him as a funny guy. last night they saw him sing, dance, do a little stand-up comedy. the reviews were mixed but the truth is in this day and age on twitter -- >> it's always mixed. >> it's more than mixed. everyone is a hater. >> that's true. >> what's the impression from l.a. about the job he did? >> i don't know. it's funny. i was hearing from people around, he did a pretty good job. then you start reading the reviews and it's like, whoa, i guess we're in a bubble here. it's a thankless job.
9:04 am
>> i think we pointed out before, you can't win with it. anything criticism wise was that opening went a little long. they wanted to get into the show. what a talented guy he is, singing and dancing. >> he can really sing. the oscars really trying to appeal to the younger generation. >> sure. >> as a host, that would bring that audience in. he definitely grew on me as the evening wore on. i think that opening bit, 17 minutes long. i love william shatner, but that just went on and on and on. >> do we have numbers yet? >> i think it's too early. >> we have not yet. a guy that a lot of people there don't know. he is not necessarily one of them. he came into their world and blew it up a little bit. i think it was jarring to some people, some of the jokes. that's who he is. that's his style. >> a little bit crass. that's what you expect from a comedian. that's his humor. >> it's nothing worse than probably -- actually not as bad as what ricky gervais did the
9:05 am
first year at the golden globes. >> that's it for him. >> he dropped the mike. take three, first lady of the united states, what a weekend she had. we'll talk about her at the oscars last night in a second. in case you missed it friday night, this is the first lady on "late night with jimmy fallon" performing the evolution of mom dancing. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> put a ring on it. >> meredith, any of these dances
9:06 am
look familiar to you from any recent family gatherings? >> you're very funny, willie. >> i'm just asking a question. i'm a journalist. i'm asking questions. >> it would have been better had she done this at the inaugural ball. that would have been great. >> actually, the leno show did something like that. they had -- >> how about jimmy fallon? he kind of looks like a cute girl is all i'm going to say. >> wow! i think you have to define cute girl. >> driving the station wagon. >> i like the botched electric slide. no one ever does it correctly. here it is, the out of sync electric slide. hits close to home. so that's the first lady on friday night. fast forward about 48 hours. last night she makes a surprise cameo at the oscars to help jack nicholson present the award for best picture as it went to "argo." we showed you some of ben affleck before. a lot of people surprised to see
9:07 am
the first lady as well. >> everybody. >> totally surprised. >> everybody shocked. as it turns out harvey weinstein had a big part in that. they had a meeting at the white house two weeks ago they kept a real lid on that. >> at least she didn't say and the which were is "argo" blank yourself. >> see, you could have stopped right there. >> reel her in, al. reel her in. >> too late. i've got to give her the sprinkler. >> there you go. staying with the movie theme for our bonus take, i understand one natalie morales has a role in the upcoming film "rio 2." will we see you at the oscars next year? >> my role wasn't quite that big. i'm doing voice overs. >> cameo voice overs. >> that's right. i'm going to play myself, a newscaster, talking about some big news from brazil, the whole gang from "rio" is back, including anne hathaway, jesse
9:08 am
eisenburg, tracy morgan and really great plot line. they're now married. they have three little babies and they're taking them to the amazon forest just so they can experience what it's like to be in the real wild. >> cool. what was it like? you go in the booth by yourself? >> i haven't done it yet. soon i will. al, maybe you could give me some advice. he does animation all the time. >> me, too. >> meredith has done it, too. it's kind of weird. you're in a booth and usually the director is somewhere else. and talks to you over the headset. tells you, okay, that was just perfect but we're losing some of the fun. do it again. >> we need more motivation. what's your motivation. >> very cool. we'll look for that. >> april 14th or april 2014 rather it comes out. >> meredith, al, we'll let you get some bloody marys, little hair of the dog. talk to you later on. >> they'll have fashion coming up in a little bit. >> natalie, how about the other top stories in the news this
9:09 am
morning? top cardinal keith o'brien will not take part in the conclave to choose the successor of pope benedict. he was accused of inappropriate conduct. the conclave is scheduled to begin earlier than originally thought. pope benedict remarked that he will be serving the church in a more appropriate way for his age. nascar ended sunday with jimmie johnson winning his second daytona 500. danica patrick, who made history as first woman to start a sprint cup race from the pole position finished in eighth place. saturday, though, a spectacular crash during the nascar race at that same track sent debris into the stands, injuring more than it two dozen spectators. more legal troubles for the pistorius family this morning as it's revealed that the so-called
9:10 am
blade runner's older brother is facing vehicular manslaughter charges for the death of a woman in a 2008 traffic accident. meantime, oscar pistorius is free on bail as he awaits trial for his murder charges in the death of girlfriend reeva steenkamp. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with british officials in london today on his first official overseas trip. they're discussing demands by syrian rebel s rebels to the u.. he meets with the foreign minister of russia. slow one at the box office. ooh "identity thief" regained the top spot earning just over $14 million. "snitch," with dwayne "the rock" johnson, 13ds million and the animated "escape from planet earth" came in third. you're up-to-date now. should we head back to l.a.?
9:11 am
>> we should, with and a check of the weather. >> i'm doing some weather here. i'm sorry. i know you're talking fashion, but, uh -- wow! >> so do it. >> let's show you what's happening right now. again, we've got a big storm system that's going to be causing snow to the north, a lot of rain to the south. as you can see it spinning up and causing big problems. we have blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings stretching from new mexico all the way into illinois. the snowfall is going to range anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow. we could see as much as a foot and a half in some local areas. and then we've got rain to talk about south of this system, the same system is going to bring a lot of rain stretching from new orleans all the way to charleston and everywhere in between. we've got flash flood watches and flash flood warnings as well. we'll be looking at a lot of rain in areas that have already seen three to five inches. they'll pick up another three to five inches of rain,
9:12 am
9:13 on a monday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a little haze over oakland. lots of sunshine today. temperatures in the upper 60s in parts of the bay area. 56 for liver more. getting into the next couple of days, temperatures stay steady. then the climb really kicks in. thursday through saturday, low to mid-70s on their way to the bay area. hope you have a fantastic monday. >> and that's your -- can i do it? >> i'm quiet. >> okay. willie? >> discipline there. >> yikes. >> al, thanks. coming up next, who was hot and maybe not so much on the red carpet? that's after this. >> they're all hot. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted...
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9:16 am
back with "today" at the oscars, it's time to break down all the red carpet fashion. the executive fashion and beauty editor at harper's bazaar. welcome, ladies. >> hi. >> let's start with your overall impression. >> i think it's a really good year. no real clunkers. >> and less is more this time around. >> i thought that was refreshing. the latest trends have been stack more, statement ring, statement necklace. it's a nice departure from that. >> you like jessica chastain. >> beautiful detail on a biased cut looking gown. difficult to wear. looked chic and gorgeous. >> you mentioned that was one of your choices. >> on fire. sculpted beautifully. even if you saw her just from
9:17 am
the waist up, it was perfect. >> such an interesting -- the top was just unbelievable. >> absolutely. >> you liked reese witherspoon, new mom but rocked it last night. >> a head to toe moment, veronica lake curls beautifully done, elegant strapless gown. looked amazing post pregnancy in louis vuitton. >> studio 54 fabulous. >> and she wore the kind of dress you would like to see more, avril lavigne. >> we want to see a little bit of glam. she's a young girl. she wore it with a very unfussy updo, carried it off well. again, top marks. >> one of the actresses with most buzz around her was jennifer lawrence and her dress. big dress and obviously got in her way when she was trying to climb the steps. >> she carried it nice. she looked amazing. it's trendy in so many different ways.
9:18 am
it's interesting, though, because the color was a beautiful champagne pink, but it didn't pick it up in stills. in the video you could see how gorgeous the color was. >> she looked great even tripping on the steps. >> exactly. i want to talk about anne hathaway. you felt differently about her. you liked the dress. >> prada-esque look. retro, audrey hepburn look i liked it. i thought it was great. >> not so much for you? >> i have a problem with it just because when a couple of your body parts start trending on twitter and gets its own twitter handle, i think you need to do a little something there with the darting. i can't even look at it. so that was my -- >> look away. look away. and the surprise presenter, obviously, was mrs. obama. >> yeah. and doesn't she look fabulous? she favored kam with a deep beading. rocking those bangs. she looked fabulous.
9:19 am
and just ahead the moment you didn't want to see on the carpet with ryan seacrest. first these messages. you didn't want to see on the carpet with ryan seacrest. first these messages. ligh t & fit greek ligh nonfat yougurt t & has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. with its creamy, thick texture you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied. introducing thets. lifter foundation from maybelline new york. our first lifting foundation with smoothing primer swirled inside.
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9:23 am
with one of my good friends. >> okay. first your local news and "today" looks back. >> i am the greatest. ♪ i woke up to a new day ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural shredded cheese so you can bring a creamier melt to any morning. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ dare to create all kinds of drama. new revlon photoready™ primer and shadow add sparkle or use wet. so you can create whatever eye you're in the mood for.
9:24 am
dare to be revlon. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. five university of san francisco students will meet with the chancellor today after a protest. they occupied a campus building thursday night and friday. the school has made massive cuts all in an effort to keep its accreditation and stay open. student protesters tell us they want a say in those cuts. final tests are under way for a pair of new tunnels near the treacherous stretch of highway 1 known as devil's
9:25 am
slide. the area south of san francisco has been a constant problem over the years collapsing into the ocean nine times since it was first built in 1937. the two new mile-long tunnels are designed to divert traffic away from the area. they're expected to open soon. after the break we'll take a look at the forecast.
9:26 am
welcome back. the time is 9:28. a look at a beautiful start to the day in san jose. crystal clear. blue sky just about everywhere over the bay area. a beautiful warm day to follow, 46 degrees in san jose, 47 in gilroy. 44 degrees right now down in santa cruz. by noon temperatures jump to the upper 60s. 69 on the way for fairfield, 66 in livermore and 64 degrees in fremont. we do have some changes just ahead, but they're the kind you like if you're looking for warmer weather. temperatures jump to the upper 70s as we finish off the week. that means more motorcycles on
9:27 am
the roads. >> watch those definitely through cloud crowded spots by 238 castro valley. often see problems. 880 past the coliseum. thing are tough in the northbound direction. this is the 930 approach. we do see a good volume of traffic here. we do have an incident on the southbound side. i got details a short time ago from chb south 880 at 16th. the off ramp there. a big rig involved in a crash. report of injuries. an ambulance has been called. there will be spectator slowing on the north side as well. that's also slow because of a crash north of the warren freeway throughdown town oakland. concern there as well. >> you will see us once again in about 30 minutes at 9:56.
9:28 am
♪ hey i just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe it's hard to look right at you baby but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ ♪ hey i just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ >> that's pretty good. >> yeah. >> that's meredith, getting the crowd going on leno the other night with "call me maybe."
9:29 am
we just happen to have meredith here. what's the backstory? you didn't just spontaneously burst into song, did you, meredith? >> no, i did not. i could have, but i did not. we were talking about me as a kid. i mentioned the glee club director told me when i was 9 years old to mouth the words and that really affected me and i want aid chance to redeem myself, which i did not do. you don't have to play it again. we heard it the first time. >> you have a sneaky good singing voice. we also know that you can dance. >> you need to learn the carly rae dance moves for that song, meredith. >> i have the mommy version of that. not doing it next year, i could do it. >> you could do it. i see the harlem shake coming. >> that's trouble for all of us. >> let's not do that again. >> we have more from hollywood's biggest night, ryan seacrest got a sneak peek of all the work that went into getting the red carpet ready for all the stars.
9:30 am
>> cool. look forward to checking back in with you guys. one of my best friends from college is here in studio to offer a little friendly advice that will help all of us. we continue our ball room debates, that you may be having, too, making the move for the queen and king size bed. >> go to the king. >> but you're miles apart. >> the kids climb in bed with you anyway and you need the room. >> you have to go -- you have to keep rolling to find them. >> exactly. exactly, al. >> you need the space. >> what do you have, a twin? >> separate bedrooms. >> we have bunk beds. >> good question. got the debate going already. >> i'm going to the weather. >> okay. take over, al. >> any more trouble. here is what we have as far as your week ahead is concerned. we are looking for wet weather
9:31 am
along the eastern seaboard. snow back through the rockies. below normal temperatures through the plains and the rockies as well in the pacific northwest. midweek period, above-normal temperatures in the northeast. snow in new england. below-normal temperatures in the middle part of the country. latter part of the week, those temperatures stay below normal. that same region look for above-normal temperatures throughout much of california and northeast and new england. that's 9:33. back to work, back to school monday. taking a live look over the bay bridge. a little bit of haze left over, no more fog to report. temperatures under full sunshine are going to climb today nicely. 66 on the way for livermore, right around 64 in fremont, 62 degrees today in san francisco and warmer weather just around the corner getting an early taste of spring this week. mid-70s on the way friday into saturday. hope you have a fantastic start to the week.
9:32 am
>> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks a lot. this morning, "today's" friendly advice. you probably have a friend who helps you through life's little dilemmas, makes you laugh a little bit in the process. 20 years ago this fall, i met megan versailles when we went to college. she has a beautiful daughter and remains' great, hilarious friend to me and my wife. she is here to help me through some things. >> i got you a nice little orange. spicy, like you like it. >> you're trying to butter me up here. it's not going to work. >> i am. >> we'll have the conversations we normally have but in a fake living room. >> it's comfortable. >> king versus queen bed. what does it mean for intimacy in a marriage? i just moved from queen to king, and i have to excepted my wife postcards to communicate with her. she's so far away. >> obviously the queen bed is tight.
9:33 am
you're cozy and -- it promotes intimacy. you're shoved up next to your mate, your partner, whoever is next to you. a girlfriend of mine was awoke by her husband who was breathing on her in a queen bed. >> that's not sexy. >> but it's tight. you can't hide from your mate. but i'm a king-sized girl. it's like being upgraded to first class. you have options. you can recline, lay back, dip in and say hi to your mate, snuggle if you want to, but the option is that you can go to your respective sides. don't you want an option? >> why your saying it's good for you to get away from your husband to escape his heavy breathing. is that what you're saying? >> it's not that. you want to cozy on up and when you're done, you want to go to your other side and stretch out. >> so you're pro king. >> pro king. >> hudson, your daughter, is almost 2. i have a 5 and-year-old. our bed has become a wrestling ring and i will wake up in the middle of the night not realizing that there are two other human beings in the bed. >> they sleep horizontally.
9:34 am
>> tess a family thing but not great for intimacy. we asked our viewers, is bigger better? the bigger bed gives you less intimacy, 62%. >> you're right but at least you're in the same bed. let's be honest here. queen or king, at least you're in the same bed. if you're not in the same bed we have an issue. >> if you're blaming the bed for your intimacy problems you should have another conversation. >> slumber party. big one for people like us but also grandparents. how long is too long to leave the kids with the grandparents? overnight we're talking. >> a visit. is it an in-town grandparent or out n hf-town grandparent? in-town sees the kids all the time. out-of-town is excited to come. two to three nights is a max for out of towner or grandparents to come and stay overnight. i push the envelope and go for a five nighter. >> really? >> you have to offer options. make it like a vacation.
9:35 am
here is the thing. offer babysitting, two nights of babysitting so they can go out on the town and rip it up. that's one option. stock the fridge with their favorite items. >> like a vacation. >> mini bar at your house. >> except there's an 18-month-old with you. >> but i'm like, they don't know. it's like a facade. they're in an oasis. when you see the packed bags, what do you think? get out of dodge? >> we've got to get out. >> your parents come a couple of nights a week. >> after a two-night weekend i come back and they're ready to get rid of those kids, who they love. i will say that. our viewers said, one to two nights is the limit. >> i think it's a little chintzy. >> texting versus calling. everyone feels a little bit of this. are you in touch with your friends really if you only text them once in a while without hearing their voice and talking
9:36 am
to them? >> you and i have not had a conversation since the '90s on the phone. we text, we e-mail. we spoke this morning. >> are we friends? >> not really good friends. we are good friends. you can be walking the streets, see something that reminds you of somebody and you text them. i don't want to invest in a phone call. i just want to say, hey, bud, thinking of you. if you're on the show and you do a good job, hey, willie, good job this morning. it's like what up? there are other times when you should warrant the phone call. one, to say i'm sorry. you have to pick up the phone or do it in person. you can't text i'm sorry. that's kind of a cop out. the second one is if someone calls you, you have to call them back. you can't text them back, just got your message. >> right. >> if someone calls me, i won't listen to that voicemail till the end of the day. if someone texts me, i'll text you right back. >> christina, my wife, has a new rule, the missed call is the new voice mail.
9:37 am
don't leave me a voice mail. >> i'm the texting queen. i am definitely guilty of this. when you pick up the phone it means, hey, i really want to talk to you. >> so are we friends? >> we are. we had a 20-minute conversation. >> real quick we have to go. you have a bonus thing for me? >> this is wanding. we saw each other at dinner the other night and said you look so fabulous. i thought it was my ripped biceps. it was the wandation of my hair. i bought my gloves. >> why three fingers? >> you're not going to burn the edges. you pick it up and wand over and slide off. it's very hot. i don't want my hair to fall out. >>. it's a one-handing wand. my husband doesn't know what i do in my bathroom but when i come out it's like voila. >> and take care of your 18-month-old. >> megan, good advice as always. good to know we're friends
9:38 am
despite the texting. >> love you, willie. >> love you, too. ryan seacrest on the red carpet after this. where food isn't always available? one in five. breakfast is essential in giving our kids the start that they need to unlock their potential, so imagine all that they could accomplish if each had a great start. that's why i am joining up with kellogg's share breakfast program to reach their goal of getting more than one million breakfasts over the course of a school year to kids that would otherwise go without. visit today to help get kids the start they deserve. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant i'll tell you what we do. i want you to go out on the field and look for anything with an "o". we will win this for mother russia! coach, eat a snickers®. why's that, chief? you get a little loopy when you're hungry. better? better. now let's go for it! [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry®. snickers® satisfies.
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better eggs. til dance do wparte ! the solos are complete... you are the pig to her bnketla. that's not breakdancing, that's break-up dancing. don't give up on us america, we're not done yet! now two must dance as one. you won't run into the top ten appliance brands just anywhere... only sears carries them all. and only sears delivers them all with $70 in shop your way points. this is sears. back now with "today" at the oscars and ryan seacrest spent the evening on the red carpet covering the oscars for e! and he let our cameras tag along to see how it all comes together. >> okay. one day till the big event. the oscars are tomorrow.
9:42 am
right now we'll take a look at what the show might look like on the red carpet. we call it a rehearsal. how are you doing? >> hi. >> so we're actually here on hollywood boulevard. this red carpet is in the middle of the street. there are 400 members of the media represented for the oscars and, look, they're already getting set up. this is where 700 lucky fans get a front row seat to watch all the stars as they enter the theater in their dresses and tuxes. thank you very much, adele. have fun. good luck tonight. this is where i stand for the red carpet arrivals and this is our e! team right here, this little compartment is all the space you get. all hard work has been done. now, ladies and gentlemen, it's
9:43 am
show time. what was today like? >> today was stressful and i had no time to eat. i am starving. >> at 9 years old, what's this experience like for you? >> it has been crazy. >> i take it you guys became close on this project. >> yes, indeed. >> yes. well, he's my son. i tied his bow tie in the car. >> your hair looks amazing. >> i spent a lot of hair drying -- >> looks really good. >> thank you. >> and that is a rap. for "today," ryan seacrest on the oscar red carpet. >> a lot of fun. we've got a lot more coming up on "today" right after this. ywhile we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal
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9:47 am
[ male announcer ] liquid gold diggers love liquid gold. on september 15th, 1963 that started as a normal sunday morning but in a deadly burst of dynamite it became a sechlt min day. four young girls were killed in the bombing. surviving the bombing, featured in a new documentary "march to justice." >> i heard the rumble of the thunder and an explosion. i heard the glass come crashing in and someone said "hit the floor." and right here i fell on the floor. everyone in the church just fell on the floor. and it was deathly quiet. >> reverend carol mckinstry joins us this morning. so good to see you.
9:48 am
>> thank you. >> the 50th anniversary of this bombing comes up in september this year. how vivid are your memories half a century later? >> the memories are very clear in my mind. it was as if it were yesterday. >> what do you remember about those little girls? three of them age 13, one of them only 11. can you tell us a little bit about them? >> yes. what i remember most was that they were laughing and combing hair. my last visit of them when i passed the bathroom. i was very close to all of them. denise's dad taught me in ninth grade. we were close to these families. we were intimately involved in the families and the children. and we were excited that day. we had a club meeting that would have taken place after church. so that's my last memory, just seeing them there, combing their hair, excited about all that the day was holding. it was also youth day. >> it was youth day which meant you and those other girls were sort of running the service that morning. >> yes. >> that's why there were so many little girls close to where that bomb exploded.
9:49 am
you know, being there in 1963, you felt the fire hoses. part of your home was damaged from a bombing across the street from your house. can you describe the climate in birmingham in 1963 for people who weren't there, weren't alive or just don't know the history as well? >> well, this was a very dark and difficult time. it was described by many as a place of hard core resistance. but primarily i saw it as a city that had a lot of patriots and because of that, we witnessed these bombings, all types of other crimes against people that were very frightening. it was a frightening time if you were a young person growing up because you never knew what the day would bring. sometimes i would tell people that bombing was a way of life in birmingham. the church bombing was just one of many. in fact, the records say 80 bombings had occurred by the time we had the church bombing. but we had become used to the
9:50 am
sound. when we heard it, we knew what it was. and it was a way of life. it was very frightening and so forth, but the memories are still there. >> and that day with his a catalyst nationally. the civil rights act passed the next year. what did it mean to your life personally? how did it shape the path your life took from that moment forward? >> this represented a very pivotal point not only in the life of our city and nation but for me as well. i think it was the point at which i decided, as best you can at 15, 16, but in later years it would be something that i would never forget. but it was a pivotal point in that i decided that i would try to do as much as i could to change the world, to show that we could accomplish so much more with love and kindness than with the hatred. >> the film is great and it's important. and i'm so grateful you're here to share the story of those four little girls. thank you. reverend carolyn mckinstry
9:51 am
"march to justice" airs on investigation discovery. that's tonight at 7:00. and we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to add some beauty to your yard, get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today. coming up next, they are back in new york. and this place will not be the same. kathie lee and hoda with more oscar coverage. >> we missed them, though. >> yes, we did. tomorrow, the dress star randi fanoli and jill martin is back with her steals and deals. >> but first your local news and weather.
9:54 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 9:56. good morning. i'm marla tellez.
9:55 am
this morning we're still waiting for the coroner to reveal the name of the person whose body was pull would out of water near oakland's jack london square. firefighters pulled the body out of the water yesterday afternoon after it was spotted floating near the shore. it's unclear if foul play is suspected in the death. this morning two teenagers are in custody after a car jacking in fremont ends with a stolen car smashing into efrl parked cars at the union landing shopping center right off 880 in union city. fremont police say the stolen mercedes crashed after leading officers on a chase. a woman inside a parked car was hurt and then airlifted to the hospital. a good start to the week in terms of that forecast. let's get a look at it with meteorologist christina loren. >> we've got a great week shaping up, not just today. warm conditions every single day. we'll warm you up substantially at the end of the week.
9:56 am
a high pressure pushing that marine layer way back out to sea. 68 in livermore, look at the end of your seven-day outlook. mid-70s. we'll check that drive. >> good morning, a tough morning for oakland. the nimitz freeway jammed up still in the northbound direction. as you come up past the coliseum, tough all the way to downtown. on the southbound side, that's the issue. the area we just showed you the arrow. the southbound side that is caused by spectator slowing. looks like 20 minutes before crews can get there with more absorbent to clear this. youp you might want to use east 580 through the area. b.a.r.t. is an option on that side. but delays on the san francisco side between millbrae and sfo. >> back in 30 minutes. [ wind howling ]
9:57 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
9:58 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's fun day monday. it's february 25th, and we are so delighted to be back. >> yes, we are. fwoo zoo actually, we were kicked out of los angeles. >> yes. >> yeah, they said you two out of town before the oscars because we don't need an international incident, which it would become because everybody is there from all over the
9:59 am
world. >> how are your few days where i wasn't with you? >> i'm sorry. i'm not speaking to you. >> don't look at me. >> i'm feuding with you, and i don't want you to have any eye contact, and you may call me miss gifford. >> don't breathe my air. apparently we are feuding. >> i think you're the only person i'm not feuding with. the only one in the world. that includes you, jimmy. >> yeah, exactly. >> we had a great time out there. i want to thank everybody that came. >> we certainly did. >> you chased the sun after that. >> well, i -- you know what, you get to be my age, you want to go to either florida for the early bird special, you know, and a little bit of sun, look at lizards and things because that's what you enjoy at my age, or you stay out in los angeles with your kids. my kids were so glad to see me go. they were so happy to see me go. i said to frank, get on a plane when our shows are finished. you come on out. no. so i got on a red eye and went
10:00 am
home, picked up cody -- picked up frank and bambino, and we went down to our place in florida. >> what is happening? by the way, bambino likes that zebra outfit. >> it's his little -- i think bobbie gave me that. one of our friends gave me that, and he just jumps right in because he knows we -- see that young girl there? her name is brenda star. this is at buzzard's root in key largo. she is a terrific singer, and they had a sunday brunch there yesterday. my brother, dave, preached at the little chapel yesterday. >> i like it with your hat and glasses. >> i don't give a rip. after all those shows we did, i said i'm going to be thankless, makeup-less, everything. >> bam is so cute. >> never looked better. you're right. >> you are not going to believe. can i tell you something that's shocking and surprising? okay. ready? i went to the airport. okay? i went to la guardia airport. i was going to go home and see
10:01 am
hannah and ella for her birthday. i have so many bags and i have a muffin and coffee. >> a typical day in hoda land. >> i said hello to her. everything was great. they said you're boarding the flight. i said let me get my stuff. i scooped it all up. i get on the plane. i'm chatting with ann all the way. we're having a great flight. i get off the plane. good-bye. good-bye. i get in the cab. i see it says cash only no credit cards. i go, oh, let me make sure i have cash. my wallet is nowhere. okay? i go running out of the cab. i leave my luggage with someone in the airport. i go running to the gate, and i say please stop the shuttle plane. you know how they go back and forth. i know my wallet is on that plane. the guy goes let me go check. he is gone for 20 minutes. it's now past the time the shuttle should leave. it's nowhere. he comes back, and he says, i'm sorry, we don't have your wallet. just then my e-mail dings. the return -- the sender is
10:02 am
angel. angel. i found your wallet in la guardia airport in one of the seats. angel ortiz. angel is in the red jacket. >> oh, angel. >> he found -- an angel found my wallet. they put it on a shuttle flight, sent it back to d.c., and, by the way, can i say something? i love everybody in the photos. by the way, let me tell you, i didn't have any money because i was waiting for the thing to come. no. the baggage guy said to me i'll give you $10 if you need to take the subway to go to see your mom. the tsa guy offered me $10 to get on the subway to see my mom. you know what -- >> they love their hoda woman. >> i couldn't believe it. angel -- an angel found my wallet. >> you need to hire angel. you need to hire an angel because you need help in that department, hoda woman. >> i know. can you believe he found it? look at him. oh, i loved him. i found him on the way home. i said i have find angel when i
10:03 am
landed. where is he? >> you had a great time? >> had a great time. >> oscars, big, big, big night last night. >> it's one of those things in life which we always have our -- again, it's like we've set it up too much, and we expect too much from it, and then we're almost all the time disappointed with the oscars, aren't we? almost everybody is disappointed in something because we set ourselves up for something. >> what did you think of seth? >> i think he is a brilliant guy. i think he was nervous. i think a lot of his stuff fell kind of flat for me, although our kids -- concern talking to our kids back and forth. they were laughing at everything he said. i don't know filths a generational thing. i thought a couple of his jokes were off base about president lincoln. i didn't appreciate at all. but i think he is talented. really, really talented. i think if he had another one under his belt, i think he would be great. >> there was a long bit in the beginning. >> it was too long. >> you were waiting for it to get started. i think he looks exactly like peter brady. >> oh, he does. >> look. >> oh -- an older peter brady.
10:04 am
>> doesn't he? >> can we get one of peter brady when he is not 12? >> we like him like that. he looks like that with that smile. >> yeah. >> okay. it was one of those. i think -- >> i wasn't impressed with -- i thought the performances were terrific. >> oh, my god, the singing. >> jennifer hudson was through the park, knocked it out. so was streisand. >> do you have a little streisand maybe? she was at the very end. ♪ ♪ whenever we remember ♪ the way we were >> wow. >> one of the greatest songs ever. marilynn and alan bergman did the lyrics to that. you always want to give people credit. marvin was so beloved by so many people. >> beautiful. there were some big moments.
10:05 am
one of them -- the front cover of "the post." >> are you still talking to me? >> i'm not looking. they call it "fallen star wroish "okay, first of all, i love her. >> she was adorable. >> she's the best. if anyone is going to fall, she's the one because -- >> if i were 22 years old and had just won the academy awards -- look. oh, my gosh. she stays down there. i cannot believe i just did that. >> when she gets to the top she says you're giving me a standing o because i fell. >> when jennifer lawrence fell, two people jumped out of their seats before she had a chance to -- just -- she just barely hit the stairs. two people jumped up. one was hugh jackman. the other was bradley cooper. right up. they both got up. >> it shows your character right in that instant. they didn't think about it. >> here's the thing. men have no trouble going up those steps in their tuxedos and flat shoes that they always wear. there should be something the ladies can hold on to or an usher. somebody there to help these ladies in these ball gowns. you know, the only time you
10:06 am
really wear dresses like that is when you're getting married, and somebody carries your train for a reason. >> yes. >> these award shows, nobody is there to take care of you. >> you're right. >> god love her. can you imagine 22 years old and she's already been nominated before for an oscar. >> she's so down to earth. >> she was brilliant in that film, though. i watched it on the plane coming home yesterday. i just -- >> you loved it? >> oh, wrau. bradley was -- i didn't know he had that kind of a performance in him. so good. >> cute. yeah. what was weird when some people were giving their acceptance speeches how the jaws music started. >> like you're -- >> that was weird. then they practically dragged them. >> that guy deserved it. >> oh, you know what they've got to do, though. they've got to -- >> what? >> i hate to say it. >> say it. >> some of these awards are so obscure that the audience is sitting there, and you're going -- you're hearing from
10:07 am
someone who just won an obscure award. it does sapp the energy. it's three hours long. the tonys have learned how to do that. the grammys have learned how to do that. they're not any less important for the people that are winning them. just less interesting for the audience. >> yeah, yeah. >> you know? >> you're right. >> of course. >> don't look at me. i think jimmy fallon would be an awesome host. >> he would be amazing. jimmy kimmel too. >> from some other network. jimmy kimmel is great. i think seth mcfarland was okay. he didn't hit it out of the ballpark for me. he probably has it in hiss him to. >> can you imagine? that's like the toughest job in the world. >> you can't -- yeah. everyone is going to criticize you no matter what. >> he is a great singer, though. >> i thought he nailed that. >> yeah. >> jimmy fallon, speaking of him for just a second, he did this funny bit. he always does the evolution of, like, rap with justin timberlake. he decided to do the evolution
10:08 am
of mom dancing with the first lady. you guys, this is genius. let's watch. ♪ ♪ >> the bump. >> i showed her that. >> this is a good one. the sprinkler is one that everybody knows. this is the worst one. the happy snapper. come on. ♪ >> do they do the shopping cart? >> that's coming up. >> oh, the dougie. come on, girl. i love it. come on. i love it. >> she was busy, and then the next 48 hours later she's giving out -- >> yes. giving out an award. >> we were caught in the makeup room looking up at the screen and seeing these two brothers -- >> minding their own business. >> on the screen. dave and mike from saratoga.
10:09 am
we didn't know what they were doing on tv. it was on mute. >> we thought they looked very strange together. >> we thought they were -- i thought they were conjoined twins. i've heard a lot of those stories, and it looked like at the hip. >> two ken dolls. >> apparently they want a date for a wedding, and they put something out on the web, and they got 800 responses. look how they're sitting. >> the sound was off. >> it could have been a story of separated. they're brothers, and they're not twins. anyway, they apparently were -- they were talking about us. we had it on mute. we didn't know. let's watch. >> so hoda and kathie lee? >> oh, they're in. we're sticking around after this. >> if they would go for this, would you do that? >> we thought they would be asking in person, so we're waiting for it. >> i didn't check my e-mail before the segment, so -- >> when is it? is there alcohol involved? hoda will go.
10:10 am
>> all right. let's do favorite things, girl. >> i'm actually wearing this. i think this is a pleather jacket. feel how soft. it's called skae is the limit. >> that's a good deal. >> it's beautifully lined. it comes in all kinds of different colors. it's a new jacket for spring, and i thought -- >> love it. >> yeah. >> mine is just a quick picture. i flew home because i missed hannah's birthday when we were in los angeles. look at ella looking at me like i'm nuts. i'm having the best time. hannah is having an okay time, and ella is confused. anyway, we had a really great time. >> happy birthday for her. >> coming up, who was hot? >> who was not on the red carpet? we're going to have the hits and misses. >> what else was hollywood talking about this weekend? we're going to have the latest buzz. >> oh, no. >> we'll be right back. yeahhhh! to help eli start potty training, the pull-ups team surprised him with a first flush party.
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10:14 am
hollywood pulled out all the stops at last night's oscars. did the stars shine as bright on the red carpet? >> juliana was front and center at last night's event, and she's ready to give us the rundown of the best and the worst dressed. hey, girl. >> good morning. >> good morning, ladies. how are you doing? >> we're good. have you been to sleep yet? >> not at all. >> you look good. >> talk to us about trends. what did you see on the red carpet? >> the biggest trend of the night was there was no one trend. you know, there were bold colors. they were metallics and soft colors. it was kind of all over the place. if anything, it seemed like armani preba was the designer of the night. his dress was on every other a-lister. that was the trend. >> jennifer chastain, she looked like an oscar. >> she's beautiful. >> look at that body. >> bless her for showing up early to the red carpet. she was the first a-lister to arrive.
10:15 am
we love that. she looked gorgeous. old hollywood glamour. a little jessica rabbit in her. >> jessica rabbit, yeah. >> incredible. that dress was tailored to perfection. >> yeah. >> i just thought it was an excellent choice for the oscars. >> how about naomi watts? she took a risk, but i thought her dress was beautiful. >> you know, it's hard for us to tell. you guys see them there on the red carpet, but sometimes these things photograph very differently than they actually seem in person. that looks like liquid, i don't know, charcoal on her or something. >> you know, she looked just as beautiful on the carpet as in pictures. this photographed incredibly well. when i saw her on the carpet, i thought, oh, gosh, i hope this photographs well, and it did. she looked fantastic. it was modern. it was edgy. it was cool. it was almost a bit of a risque choice for the oscars, but it paid off. >> it didn't show any skin, though. that's the interesting thing. not very much. no. i mean, it was very cut out and stuff, but it really was quite covered up.
10:16 am
>> it was. it was. risque in the sense that it was a very modern cut, and for the oscars that tends to be a bit more classic. a classic red carpet. i loved it. i thought it paid off. >> let's talk about a couple of your misses. you didn't love ann hathaway. >> in prada. >> okay. >> why? >> here's the thing. we were waiting for ann hathaway to wow us. this is the oscars. she was a shoe-in to win, and so, you know, we really were waiting for this big gorgeous dress. i think she did have that dress because she was supposed to wear a valentino gown, and a couple of hours before the show she made a last minute decision to change into this prada. now, we're hearing this morning the reason that happened was because she had heard that another a-list actress was wearing a very similar gown and didn't want to be in a similar look. >> oh. >> yeah. so she said forget it. i'm not wearing that dress. >> she preferred the one she wore as she performed with the ensemble from "les miserables." >> that was armani prebae once
10:17 am
again. >> you looked great last night. it was fun watching you. >> kiss the baby for us. >> i will. i will. bye, girls. >> bye. >> all righty, thanks, jewel anna. there's a 90 minute fashion police tonight at 8:30 eastern on e! >> here to help us restyle the red carpet is our today style editor and good pal's bobbie thomas. >> yes. >> play that what if game that you love playing. >> i love doing this because we all see the same thing, but this is something unique that we do here, and so we saw reese witherspoon and catherine zeta. i wanted to know what would happen if they swapped dresses. let's take a look. what do you think? >> absolutely. you're right. better. better. >> what i liked about this -- >> monochromatic thing on reese. >> reese just glows.
10:18 am
i will be happy to say that we let our viewers last night who were on-line watching with us, they did say that 71% liked the swap. if you don't agree, can you go on-line while we're doing this today and tell us differently. >> two beautiful women. you're right. >> the next one is going to be jennifer aniston. she's in valentino. this is a timeless iconic dress. i know that before you start yelling at me, okay? but this silhouette can handle a bold color, so i wanted to see her do something different. we always see her in a very straight forward dress. let's take a look. >> the same neckline. >> i like to see her maybe step out in a bold color. >> yeah. >> i kind of like the yellow, and funny enough, viewers didn't agree with me. they -- 52% liked the red. 25% liked the pink, and 22%, the yellow. i can say if you add these two up, i might actually be in the lead. >> you're winning. >> okay. next we have carrie washington -- i'm sorry zoe
10:19 am
saldano. i really like this dress. it's a little bit of a fashion-forward take for the oscars, but a lot of people were confused with all of the color. i can say she looks beautiful and does not need another inch on her sell wet. she's underweight if you ask me. she looks fantastic. however, a lot of people wanted to see if this was all white. >> i like that better. >> what's interesting is more people thought a -- 65% liked the all white, but i want to say if you are at home, look at what happens to the line of her body. stay away from any hems that kind of cut up on you or get too busy. >> i'm not crazy about the shoes she has on. they look more like sandals than -- >> for me it's a lot going on. you have the embroidery up top and then you have the belt and the black shoe and more gray. >> we got to go, girl. we love you. we love you. >> okay. the oscar goes to -- we'll have more. >> yes, we will. and tiger's first appearance
10:20 am
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to help support a healthy metabolism try new great grains protein blend in cinnamon hazelnut or honey, oats and seeds. >> make sure your child is the life of the party for kids gifts for under $20. >> the oscars aren't the only things hollywood is talking about. we'll have the latest buzz. >> guess who is here, you guys? she shoots, she scores. lala anthony will tell us about her full court life with nba superstar carmelo anthony. sdmru how to whip up a quick and easy meal for your family that's healthy too. >> after your local news. >> are you talking to me? who can't put their lives, jobs and loved ones on hold because of a migraine. so when a migraine starts, they grab excedrin migraine. they know excedrin provides fast pain relief. plus it relieves sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. no wonder it's #1 neurologist recommended. excedrin specializes in ending headaches and like you we won't be easily stopped. not even by migraines.
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i'm marla tellez. rumors are swirling that the 49ers have worked out a deal to trade quarterback alex smith. multiple sources are reporting a deal is done but it can't be announced until march 12th when the league's season officially begins. no word yet on who will land smith, but many believe it is the kansas city chiefs. the niners are not confirming the rumors. after the break, we'll check the forecas
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28. welcome back. high pressure reigns supreme this week. that means we've got a good looking warm-up on the way. temperatures approaching the 70s at the end of the week. not just the low 7, the mid-70s. breezy conditions offshore winds today. not too bad. 66 for livermore, 64 for santa teresa and 63 degrees in gilroy. you want to know when the 70s come into play? we'll tell you today at 11:00. >> good morning, no 70s right here. horribly slow as you get up toward downtown. the coliseum itself, it is starting to thin a bit because the commute is winding down. farther north, we'll show you the arrow that i just showed you with the live camera, the southbound side continues to drag. only one lane is blocked around the 10th on ramp. no update from chp. they're supposed to get more absorbent to take care of the fuel spill. sig alert in place. you can use east 5le 0 that's
10:28 am
probably a better drive off of the maze then over towards 880 eventually. look at the ben eesh ya bridge itself. causing a slowdown from the area of the north bay. >> mike, thanks so much. more of the day's top stories in 30 minutes. ♪ what's going on ♪ what's going on >> we're back on the fun day monday with today's buzz. we get you up-to-date on all the hot hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> entertainment weekly senior writer tim sack. >> you watched the whole thing. >> yes. >> and tweeted. >> i can't keep my things to myself. michelle obama was a big, big thing. this was shocking she showed up. bangs are back. bangs. she looked great. people talked about "les mis."
10:29 am
that was amazing. >> that was incredible. >> a really great moment. >> people really liked ann hath wraway. people were jumping down her throat. i think people are just a little over. she's like a little taylor swifty where, oh, my god, i won. oh. oh, my gosh, it's a surprise. no, it's want. you've won 12 awards for this. >> the dress and the -- >> i mean, i -- >> we think those were seams, but it was hard to tell. >> for one needs to see that. no one -- i don't need to see that. some people do. i definitely do not need to see that. >> you're not in a kind of guy. that didn't ring your bell. >> that is correct. >> jennifer lawrence was -- you liked her. >> i love her, but she tripped and fell because she wore that giant goofy dress. practice walking in those heels, girl. >> doesn't it make you love her more? >> i do love her more. i love her more than ann hathaway. i wish ann hathaway would have fallen. >> oh. >> i don't mean that. she's lovely. no, she's not.
10:30 am
no, she is. >> on twitter what was the general feeling about seth? >> i mean, i think it went well, i think. >> it did not. >> he is polarizing. okay. i think it was polarizing, but i thought he was good. i actually thought he was going to go, like, more, like, mean, but -- so i think he might have held back, but i thought it was way too long, but -- i think it's still on right now. >> let's talk about a couple other things. mc hammer was arrested. what's up with that? >> yeah. he claims that he was a victim of racial profiling, but he was pulled over because he had expired registration, and he supposedly, like, resisted arrest and then he got real upset. i know. it's wonderful. >> yeah, don't call it racial profiling if you fall or other things that -- come on. >> of course, he took to twitter right after getting arrested and went off on a cop and called him, like, fat and i think he looked like elvis or something,
10:31 am
and then he said it was a learning experience. >> a happy ending. >> what did he learn? >> a happy ending for helen and tiger woods. >> tiger woods, they reunited at this event in florida over the weekend. tmz caught photos of them. apparently they were very, you know, cordial to each other and pleasant. they were getting so much attention, that they actually got into her car and left and went somewhere. >> got to be careful with tmz because they're the ones that said we're feuding. you can't -- yeah, yeah. >> they say we hate each other. >> well, the tension is palpable. >> can you feel it? >> can you feel it over here? >> i'm afraid. i'm afraid. >> what about -- is tiger dating lindsey von? >> supposedly tiger is dating lindsey vonn. i'm sorry. i'm single, and he is just -- he has dates coming out of his
10:32 am
ears. >> would you want lindsey? >> no. >> there you go. >> barking up the wrong tree. >> let's talk about the weekend box office. >> yes, yes, yes. melissa mccarthy, identity theft, came back to number one. >> it's out there. >> he is kind of down on most things today. you know? >> what was your favorite movie? >> it's because of the tension between you two. >> is she still talking? >> i'm sick of her. >> what was your favorite moment of the oscars? >> i think i loved "les mis" and jennifer lawrence. >> what about jennifer hudson? >> i loved jennifer hudson. i mean, that was amazing. >> do you think that catherine zeta-jones was lip-synching. >> yes. that was not a good act. it was a lot of "chicago." it was like we're back to "chicago." no, i'm trying to think what else. i loved it all. kim kardashian is having a girl. >> that's the word. >> yeah. >> what have you learned? you were in the house. >> i say nothing.
10:33 am
>> did you steal anything? you should have grabbed like a onsie to see -- >> it's a girl. we already know. >> that's what they're saying. >> we still love you anyway. >> yes, we do. >> i know. i hope you two can get along. >> it's a full court life for her. >> she's the one we're really feuding with. it's getting ugly. >> right after this. when it i want three looking ythings: banish wrinkles, beat gravity, and now, fill in those little sunken places. l'oreal creates revitalift triple power moisturizer. with 3% pro-xylane- our highest concentration- to stimulate collagen. revitalift addresses the three dimensions of aging. wrinkles. two...refirm contours. three...replenish facial volume. anti-aging? make mine triple power! new revitalift triple power, from l'oreal. we're worth it. with just a few ingredients.
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almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise. >> entrepreneur, actress, tv host, wife, and mom -- wow -- lala anthony, her mission to conquer the world on her new vh1 show -- well, it's not new. it's called "lala's full court life." >> she'll tell us why the fabulous life and career and her husband nba all-star carmelo anthony is at an all-time high for season three of their reality show. >> look at you. >> it's extremely short dress. a little inappropriate for the morning. nonetheless, attractive. >> well, thank you. >> how are you, darling? >> everything is great. how are you? >> we're good. >> you have a lot of balls in the air. i got to tell you. >> careful. >> you know what -- >> everybody is sick. every one of you. >> she can't juggle any of them because she's holding her dress down. >> you do have a lot going on.
10:38 am
you have your reality show. you have a beautiful son who is about to turn 6. >> a lot. >> how do you hand all of it? >> you know, i just find that you can't do it all in one day, and i have been okay with that. i feel like we're our own worst critics. when we don't get it done, we beat ourselves up. >> if you don't finish it all in one day, it's okay. >> do you feel torn, though? do you feel like you're always letting somebody down, whether it's your husband or your child or your career? >> i definitely feel like that. somebody is always losing a little bit of my time, but then i'll go back and try to make up for it somehow. >> priority number one is -- >> my son. priority number one is being a mom. >> is your husband okay with that? >> he is okay with that. then a wife and then my career. >> got it. >> you live -- you guys live on both coasts. >> yes. >> that must not be a simple thing to do with a young son. >> not at all. we're on a plane back and forth. when it's all your child knows, they don't know any different. he was born, and that's what we were doing. he looks at it like it's the plane, i'm going to watch movies. it's just what he is used to at it point. mroo when the child sees their
10:39 am
parent happy, they're happy. you know? >> yes, you're right. >> your reality show is -- it's the third season? >> yes, it is. >> i mean, and you feel -- i feel like you get to know the real you. is that -- are we really seeing you? >> i feel like when you sign up for a reality show, you know what you're signing up for, and you can't be afraid to show certain things. then reality tv is not for you. i reveal enough without going too, too far. >> do you have editing rights? can you say i don't want this? >> absolutely. >> you do? >> i do. >> how did you get that? >> good lawyers. good agents. good manager. >> that's so critically important, especially when you have a child. >> definitely. >> i'm sure that goes in your brain each time. is this the right choice to be making for my kid. >> he films when he wants to, when it's fun. i don't force him to do that. if it's a day where he is not in the mood, he doesn't have to film. he is 5. it's not his job to be on a reality show and film. when it's fun, it's fun, and when he is not in the mood, he doesn't have to do it. >> what's the biggest challenge in your life? >> just struggling being a mom
10:40 am
and my husband being in the nba. he is always on the road, and i'm always on the road. it makes it -- >> a long season, too. >> it makes it very difficult, and we always have to make sure we make our marriage a priority because it's real easy to get lost in your schedule and his schedule, and before you know it, it's like a month, and it's like we haven't even seen each other. >> that can be dangerous too, you know? >> of course. >> they had a good dame last night. >> they did. >> does that mean he is in a good mood? >> he is in a good mood. tonight is a very happy night at the anthony household. >> good. good. good. >> we're glad you came to see us. >> i love coming to see you guys. >> tell your mom hi for us. >> i will. >> you can catch "lala's full court life" monday nights at 10:00 on vh1. >> tested and approved gifts for kids under $20 right after this. [ female announcer ] born from the naturally sweet monk fruit, something this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener
10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:45 am
you can afford. >> all right. here with family fun magazine's annual list of kid tested and approved birthday gifts for $20 or less is the magazine's deputy editor mary giles. great price point, by the way. >> i know. you wind up at birthday party after birthday party when you have lots of little kids in the house. we want to keep it $20 and less. >> let's get started. >> all right. this is for ages 3 to 6. this is the all aboard train puzzle. they're $15 from chronicle gifts. what makes this stand apart is each piece is double-sided, and they're all interchangeable. the kids can make lots of different trains, right? you can keep mixing and matching. >> different animals. >> when you put it together, it can be six feet long so they can really feel like they're doing a long, nice locomotive. >> that's sweet. >> the coin blaster. >> this is the coin blaster arcade. when you get it, you're buying a book, but when you open it up, it's like getting ten different arcade style puzzles and games in one.
10:46 am
you can see here we have the basketball that's set up. all these pieces come inside of it, so this one, you shoot -- >> actually shoot it. >> you shoot coins. roll it up the ramp and -- >> you slick it with your finger. we don't have a good angle here. you get ten different style arcade games. you shoot and shoot -- knock things over. play games like that. arcade style. >> something for the girls here. >> aren't these cute? these are cami dolls. these japanese-style collectibles are really hot right now. these are just $13. these cute little dolls. you can also get $6 key chains and pens. >> those are cute. >> we thought these were just the cutest. >> they become hot for a while, and then -- >> yeah. >> stickers and -- come on. >> this is an amazing craft kit. our family fun testers could not get enough of this. this is called tile jewelry. alex toys. this is $17 for ages 7 and up. look how adorable these necklaces are. >> cute. >> wouldn't you want to wear those yourself?
10:47 am
>> absolutely. >> can you make rings, necklaces. >> if i were 7 years old i would. sfoo. >> okay. >> i'm nearly 70. it just changes life. >> it comes with all these different stickers and patterns. you can really make a lot of variety of jewelry there. >> i saw you playing with this. you love this. what happened? what do you do? >> give that belly a good little squeeze. ready? right? very naughty. right? >> kind of irresistible. you can shoot them at targets. >> i like it. >> each one comes with -- they're reloadable. six balls. >> you could do it all day. >> right? i know. slightly addictive. these are $11 ages 4 and up. lots more ideas on our website at family fun we have this one in my house. i have one more. so addictive. my 5-year-old -- >> those are the things that go trying flying up. >> my 5-year-old and his friends
10:48 am
love these. my husband and i are also completely addicted. you fling the frogs up. you try to land it on the lily pad. >> there. >> oh. >> hoda gets ugly with these things. very competitive. >> are you talking to me? >> it's only $10, right? for ages 4 and up. >> oh. >> 50 points if you land it in the lily pad. >> sounds fun. >> all right, mary. thank you so much. >> don't know what to make for dinner tonight? >> quick and easy meals that you and your family can have that are healthy too, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
10:49 am
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>> and now on today's kitchen, what's cookin? looking for quick and easy ways to put dinner on the table tonight? we're going to put down the menu and let you cook up something nice.
10:52 am
sfoo here with fast and super tasty meals that are actually healthy too is melissa. she's host of cooking channel's "drop five pounds with good housekeeping." >> really? >> yeah. >> we're really going to make something that's healthy and easy? >> easy and not too expensive. something to make on a tuesday night. for me, i'll tell you what, ladies, i have been -- i struggled with my weight since he was 15, so i'm always looking for something that's healthy and fast and i can make it tasty. we're starting out with some asparag asparagus. we're going to make asparagus shrimp stir fry. >> just a little bit of oil to begin with? >> a little bit of oil. >> olive or canola? >> this is canola oil. canola is better at high heat. you want to use a measuring spoon until you know what a teaspoon looks like. that's a tip. it goes really fast. you know what, don't be shy about doing this until you can eyeball it. >> usually people just go glug, glug, glug. >> they think it's a teaspoon,
10:53 am
and it's, like, three table spoons. >> tomato in there. asparagus. anti-oxidants. make you look younger. lots of fiber, low calories. great delicious stuff going on in here. here we have soy sauce. >> put this together. >> yeah. >> rice wine vinegar. >> okay. >> then pour it on in. >> dump it in. >> you didn't cut it with tomatoes rsh you are going to leave them whole like that? >> they're going to get sweet. >> look how fast that is. >> how long is this cooking. >> a couple of minutes. literally a couple of minutes. my tip to you. >> what? >> the precooked frozen shrimp. this is the healthy cooked best friend. >> why? >> look how fast this is. you just have to -- >> you leave the tails on. >> you know what -- >> are they frozen, use do you thaw them out? >> you thaw them out. >> not as easy as she said. >> the tails are on. >> yeah. you know, putting this in the
10:54 am
freezer or frig is exhausting. >> i don't like your attitude. do you smell it? it smells fantastic. >> all you have to do is add in just a smidge of toasted sesame oil. just about a teaspoon. it's going to flavor it up, and then you are going to put on sesame seeds. black and white. you can use either one. a little bit of a stronger flavor on the black. this is what it looks like. >> it looks gourmet, baby, and fast. >> we made that live. if you want to go ahead and give it a taste. you serve it with a little bit of rice. half a cup of rice, and one quarter of this, that's a lot of food. it's 370 calories. >> you're kidding. >> oh, my gosh, that's delicious. >> the shrimp, great low fat option. great way to get seafood into your diet. >> what's this option? what have you done here? >> i've taken the same kind of shrimp, except i've made it up with soba noodles.
10:55 am
half the calories of regular pasta. veggies in there, and a peanut saushgs and then here my 95 calorie brownie. >> all of this will be on our website. all of it. >> you know what, great stuff. i had my doubts, but you really came through. >> a performance by country music star jason aldine. >> meagan from "smash" will be with us.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. we begin with a search that's intensifying for an east bay couple gone without a trace in south america. the boyfriend and girlfriend have been missing since january 26th. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in concord where she just spoke to the family of garrett hand. >> reporter: i just spoke with garrett hand's mother and sister. they are trying to keep it
10:59 am
together, trying to stay calm, but they desperately want to hear from him. it's been one month to the day they say since they've heard from him on facebook, phone calls since then, absolutely nothing. it seems that he and his girlfriend have simply disappeared. inside the family's concord home, there are maps. the phone number to the u.s. embassy in lima, peru. they say they normally get a phone call at least once a day from the embassy there working with peruvian police to try to find hand and his girlfriend, 25-year-old jamie neal. she works at a bike shop. they left in november on a five-month bike excursion through south america. garrett's mom said she got worried when his regular facebook page stop so did his banking. then the u.s. warned of a kidnapping threat to americans in the cusco region where the couple was. that's when concerned turned to fear. they're reaching out to anyone with contacts in

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